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    submitted 21 July 2004 @ 14:12
    edited 11 March 2018 @ 09:42

Transcripts (Tips & Tricks)

Article written by JAD
Rating: Excellent (4.5) (4.5 rating, 4 ratings)

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The saving of transcripts or trannys helps keep a record of a character or groups activities. Allowing one months or years later to read some of the best rps we've participated in. Yet cleaning them of unneccessary posts and getting the file size down can be a laborious process. However using a combination of techniques this process can be made easier.

While the depth in which you clean your transcript is up to you, if you are going to put it online for other people to see you might want to clean it up a bit and bring down the file size so you can fit more online.

Tips and Tricks
The first thing to know is that Find/Replace is your freind, using this feature of many programs will allow you to make changes like the following.

1. With Wordpad you can find/replace (Ctrl H) all instances of say a screen name from Rick_guard, to Rick, which if you are trying to get a file down under 50k and it is 55k may do the trick. Applied to several screen names it can drop the file size down to where you want it.

2. Using any program with Search/Find such as with Notepad you can find instances such as /think and mannualy delete each in term after determining whether the thought is game oriented or completely ooc. This process just helps you find things in a document so you can mannual delete them.

3. In order to make a tranny easier to read adding space in between the posts is something you may want to do. The easiest way to do this is to use Microsoft Word or many other more powerfull programs. For starters the method to do this and other more complicated forms of find/replace is to show the non-printing characters. In microsoft word 97 you can do this by Tools/Options/View/Non-printing/ All . With that selected you can see paragraph returns also called hard returns which you can generate mannual by hitting enter on the keyboard. If you were to hit shift + enter you would get a soft return which actually as the symbol on the enter key. A paragraph marks the end of a paragraph and the way Yahoo has posts set up makes the end of a post where the paragraph return is placed. So heading into find/replace in Word or CTRL-H, selecting More, then in the special menu Paragraph mark we get a funny looking ^p. If we place ^p in the find box and ^p^p in the replace box through out the entire document we get double spaces allowing easier veiwing.

4. Another method for cleaning up trannies believe it or not is jumping into Microsoft Excel.

Open a new Excel document and copy and paste your tranny in.

(Before you bring in the tranny you might want to make sure there is something that seperates the screen name from the post like a comma , or a colon : if there is nothing it could make the process more difficult. )

If you have not rped with more then 10 people and you know who they are, use find/replace in Microsoft Word to add a ^t after the screename. Find screen name by ^pdum_ass: or ^pdumass then Replace with ^pdum_ass^t this will put a tab after the screen name when done, copy and paste back into excel and it's allready seperated into sn and post in collum a and b.

If you're dealing with more then 10 people ect. and there is a colon after the screen name then replace it with something else just in case someone else has used a colon in their post. Such as a ## ect. That done you can quickly move to the next step which is to sepearte the screen name from the post by selecting the collumn, then going to Data/Text to Collumns. You'll want delimited for this one, then input ## in the other feild then finish. Now it may look like it's done nothing, because you need to select the collumn again and right click to adjust the collumn width down to about 20 or so. Now you can see that the posts are seperated from the screen name.

This techniquie and all of its variations help make it easier to glance thru quickly and delete un-neccesary posts.

A.You can find and delete /think or o O ( alot easier by right clicking the row and hitting delete... quickly reveiw it and toss it away the junk..

B. Definitely not for the light hearted this technique can get complicated depending on the way your source tranny is setup.

For this technique you will need a text file that counts 1 to about 1,300 with a paragraph return (enter) after each number.

This you can copy/paste into collumn Z so as not to interfere with any other text or overwrite it. Now spread out Collumn A and scroll down to make sure all the sn's are seperated. If not go back to word and make the neccesary changes.

Now go up to data/sort /collumn A /Ascending and you will have adjusted the posts to view them by screen names in alphabeticall order. Now you know you dont want to delete your posts but now you can double check that no one is reffering to you, or rping with you in taverns quickly and then delete all their posts which you dont need.

If a particular person makes alot of ooc posts it will be easy to see ect.

Next resort the transcript by Collum B or by post and you'll find all the thought bubbles and ooc. These are usually easy to find because they are shorter then other posts even when folks don't use thought bubbles. Delete away like mad.

After doing all your editing, select all and data/sort by collumn Z, ascending. Like magic the posts go right back to the order they are supposed to be in. This comes in the most handy when cleaning a public tavern room chat. If you know all the people you rped with that day the cleaning in this fashion will take seconds.

5. In order to remove timestamps the easiest method is to go back to word and search for (^#^#:^#^#:^#^# AM) here ^# means any digit. Just replace with nothing and they are all gone.

6. If you used cheetachat to create your tranny and convert the file to text the avatar images appear as weird stuff in front of the screen name if you select this and use find replace you can get rid of them all at once.

Save Files
Using the above techniques cuts out a significant portion of the frustration factor. Using combinations of the above and tips and tricks you discover you'll definately end up with a transcript that is easier to read with all the stuff you dont want in there. But be carefull and save a file often and as different version.

Example - bogus fairy v1.txt , bogus fairy v1-1.txt , bogus fairy (raw).txt , bogus fairy v1 (08_14_05).txt , bogus fairy (1 of 9).txt - ect.

Directory Structure
If you seperate your trannys in different directories depending on who you are rping with or by the character you are using ect it will be easier to browse your trannys and find what you are looking for. In these directories you can also create three more folders one for raw transcripts another for cleaning (meaning that you have started cleaning the transcript but are not finished) and another for done you will be able to come back over time and keep track of where you were at easily.

Transcripts/Mev's Hotel - (These are transcripts that are Clean)
A) opening day.txt
B) the bungler.txt
F) Customer is wrong.txt

Merv's Hotel/ Cleaning - (These are transcripts where cleaning has begun)
C) fourscore v2-1.txt
C) fourscore v2-2.txt
D) pitiance v2.txt
E) no way jose v2.txt

Merv's Hotel/ Raw - (These are the raw files including ooc and complete sn's)
A) opening day (raw).txt
B) the bungler (raw).txt
C) fourscore (raw).txt
D) pitiance (raw).txt
E) no way jose (raw).txt
F) Customer is wrong (raw).txt

Fantasy Role Chat

When you rp in a FR Group chatroom and are a mod of that group you can export transcripts to file and post them to forums in your group.

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