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    submitted 28 January 2017 @ 21:03
    edited 29 January 2017 @ 05:21

Prelude to the tournament

Written by Baoneko

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A poweful man spoke to many men around a very large table frienfs and warriors
Brothers lord odin speaks
Odin:prepare yourselves great warriors today you have trained and prepared for battle now to test ot yorselves in a tournament as I know you sparr alot so why not make an event out of it I propose a grand tounament here in the halls of valhalla

Now thats a pretty specinen a man said to a young lady with a black wings and a black helm black leather tunic, plated skirt, simple pants, and boots
More mead sir? The girl asked
Aye please sit and join me at the table for song and story
Thank you sir
Please call me edric and your name as I can't keep calling you girl
Its moriko or atleast natively here I am called myrkvoir
Lovrik: ye edric careful you might start a war over myrkvoir
Myrkvoir: i'd like to see you try
Edric: fiesty valkyrie I like that in my women
Thor: myrkvoir careful
Myrkvoir: oh please can't I have a little fun
Odin: ah there you are myrkvoir how is your training
Myrkvoir: going well still trying to fly the wings like a dragon
Edric: wait she flew a dragon thats insane only eldrik has done that
Eldrik: what aboit me
Odin: try using them like a hawk myrkvoir or rather become a hawk
Myrkvoir: sire you talked about a tornament would you be ok if I competed in it
Odin: I don't see why not might be good as I noticed this is the happiest you have been since you arrived
Edric: I have a offer whoever beats myrkvoir in the tournament gets her hand in marrage what do you say myrkvoir
Myrkvoir: sounds fair to me does lord odin feel the same
Odin: i see no fault in that
Myrkvoir: allright then best of luck to you all I ought to go and fetch some more mead
Edric: break over miss sad I do enjoy your company moriko
Myrkvoir: whatever i am gonna go and prepare for the pretournament matches

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