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    submitted 03 November 2013 @ 14:36
    edited 03 November 2013 @ 14:36

Fielda Monstorr

Written by Edaina Moonrazor
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Fielda Monstorr was born on the Eastern Gestfalliene shores near the Brisnak Mountains and the isles of Gibor.He grew up poor with his mom and his siblings of four. He ran a shop as a teenager as we humans call them. He has pointy ears,long teeth and a snout,stands on four legs and has four arms.His eyes are bluish iridescent and when he smiles its in the shape of a crescent.He has sharp teeth but his manner is kindly. He prepares potions and salves for the ill and the elderly.He works all day this Goblin-ish guy the currency where he lives is a well made Bekkenborka Pie.It has meats in it from the land and some from the see but none you or i know of.The pie is of a bluish hue and each member of the city where he resides loves his mothers Bekkenborka pies.How can we find him? well really, who knows? maybe just follow where lots of plants on Earth grow. Maybe you'll find a portal there and if you're lucky you'll find Fielda Monstorr there. His mom making pies and him peddling his lot maybe you'll learn a new language and teach him english,or maybe not.Stay hopeful you never know what might happen someday.Anything is possible when portals open all the way.

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