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    submitted 03 November 2013 @ 14:19
    edited 03 November 2013 @ 14:19

Upon the Rains of Tak Madoor

Written by Edaina Moonrazor

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There once was many a storm on the plains of Tak Madoor but not many a tragedy fell, at least none that reached the briney shore. There was all sorts of Tielbaks and Grunks ones like the gypsies that'd clean out your trunks.The dialects of the lands were strange to human ears but if ye follow me i shall clean up your ears. See if you get what i'm trying to say when i mention a bar i say "Il esten nayn" when i mention a lass in a kindly cord i say "Est Irn brogenella ahnfort!" and if its rudish its "Kirnellen girlen furtennan goshnort!" a bit complex and maybe too hard,gibberish to some but not if ye be a bard. In the slummy slums of Tak Madoor you might find more than you bargained for.Beat em or join em speak with em or not if you be lookin for somewhere safe...that,Tak Madoor is not. All sailers and gypsies wind up in the place to steal and rob and bludgen yer face so mind it ye be warned if you visit this place it turned to a slum when the rains came to the plains of Tak Madoor. Nobles once lived here and cobblers too! Princes and Princesses wit holes in their shoes,peddlers and paupers but nary no thief until the rains came and drove out King Nief.See...rain to a human be nothin ya see fer ye have floods and such but let me warn ye.The rains that hit the plains of Tak Madoor flooded not with water but acidic Fabror! what is Fabror? Is that what ye say? well its a chemical of course used to kill everything and drive nobles away! How can thieves and such survive in it ye may ask? It's called adaptin but tis no easy task! If you happen upon the plains of Tak Madoor you join em or die its a place for thievery and no goods like a prison,aye.The people seem pretty dressed up in Guff but beware what shimmers it'll drag you down and snuff! Oh aye i lived in the plains meself did i and i barely escaped with my treasure and my life! I hope it sinks into the Bristmakin Sea so the poison disperses and good reins supreme.

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    03 November 2013 @ 14:36

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