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    submitted 28 September 2013 @ 10:55

The Lords of Pandora

Written by Aristo

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Being written for a video game script, will be turned into a novel series.


In the beginning there was five great leaders of Middle Earth, and one, the dwarf King Silvorhace Strongstone, journeyed to the North West with his kingdom on a search for more land, the son of the Elvish High King, Prince Elishav, was sent with his 2000 strong company as a courteous gesture from the Elves and for the nations own interests. Also, twenty Men and women as well as Intelligent Dragons came. On this long journey through treacherous waters and past mysterious islands, the Fleet of a hundred ships began to learn and evolve as better seamen and became sea warriors. After long months of travel, the Kingdom of Strongstone hit a mainland thousands of leagues from Sora, arriving just when winter was fading out and strong winds with pounding rain shoved in. but what they found was beauty in a land of flat stretching stone that arched its smooth back into long hills that held many lakes from the melting snow and ice; the hills rolling into strong slopes that held ancient majestic forests and powerful and mysterious creatures that were only spotted from afar; after a hundred leagues of slopes-about one thousand leagues from the south-eastern shore-the now grayish forest gives away to massive, towering mountains that stand as guardians for whatever lies beyond. At this point-seven days of the exploration had passed and King Strongstone decided the land the dwarves would claim would be from the closest of the mountains on the side of a great river which they called the Dorodin, to the shores of where the great company of 8000 Strongstone dwarves and 2000 Elishian Elves had landed. They met no other Kindred in their swift journey, and decided that the spot near the mountains where they were is where the Company would let the small carriage-sized Sora-dragons that they had rode, go free-as was the intention all along, and was why the fairly intelligent dragons carried them-to see the new land.
At the entrance to the Valley of Dorodin, the tightly knit Company, whether Dwarf or Elf had grown so close together; decided to split into two groups to head east and west to mark the territory of the Company of 10000. The Company then further split as half the Elves and almost three hundred Strongstone Dwarves lead by the Elvish Prince Elishav decided to keep journeying North as warm winds started to move in, stating that they were not quite completed their vigorous search in whatever each individual looked for as a destination. So therefore, with the blessing of the Dwarfish World Leader and Supreme King and the promise of horseback messengers (as the Company held with them strong Horses of Sera, then the size of a young elephant and were Intelligent as well, but were mostly for the Elves as the Dwarves preferred foot or Dragon), the Company of Elishav set North past the Dorodin and into the mighty mountains full of the spirit of adventure and discovery, 2288 strong.
The King and his guard, who still held four Dragons the most loyal to Strongstone, went to the West along the border mountains, naming these mountains the Silver Mountains, Guardians of the North. The Company West and the Company East both set outposts along their rocky routes, leaving 20 by each to guard against any terrors or enemies the very unexplored land may contain.
Eventually, the Company of 10000 met at the shore they had first arrived upon, though they were now only half as many. Strongstone declared the marked land the Northenland Kingdom, and set to create the first Port, calling it Silvermark meaning Elf and Dwarf uniting to make a mark in the World. Though the King was pure Dwarvish, he named his first castle that was built the Silvermark as well.
Now, most Dwarves build their Kingdoms in massive caves and in rocky mountains, but the King wanted to build a port Kingdom, and learn new skills, thus is why he chose to come back to the sea that he had grown so fond of. This is partially why the Elves were part of the Company in the first place-to teach the Dwarves the way of building upon flat land that the majority of the Northenland turned out to be.
The new leader of the Elves, Epoli Silverleaf, had been given the Dwarf King’s beautiful only daughter, Nerenda as his wife. Thus started the Great Kingdom of the Northenland, where the only land in which Dwarves and Elves were united equally for a century to come.

Please note that all this happened over two years of great festivity as Dwarves were great partiers of victory-which the founding of the Kingdom and her Port was considered. Many creatures were found over the time but none Intelligent save for the Dragons the Company themselves parted from at Dorodin and the Horses from Sera, though not much was explored within the Northenland territory nor outside it besides the Company of Elishav who stayed in contact through the Dorodin Outpost, but kept their actual whereabouts and what-doings secret from the Kingdom, though some believed the King knew of their mission. Sera was in communication through Messenger Birds, Dolphins and the Great Ships. The Dwarves started to call themselves Viken, meaning ‘Sea Travelers’ and ‘Ones Familiar With The Sea’. Thus was the Kingdom of Northenland-having hardly any knowledge of outside their land but secure inside the Walls of Strongstone that was built in one summer and surrounded the eight main Dwarfish vales and Elfish shires and the Silvermark Port. Also, the Silverlace started, the greatest festival of the year-to remind the Dwarves and the Elves that they stood together. Note as well that Dwarves and Elves live longer than Men and Women, and even the common Fairies and all of the Orcs or their relations. Dwarves and Elves lived around 200-400 years while the Men, unless they drunk the Dragons tears, lived only 180-280 years. The Dragons tears would let the Men live 800 years about and grant the Dwarf and Elves 1000 years of life about.

The One Hundred Years of First Peace

Prologue of the Fall of Silvermark

In the year 124 AB the Elves, now half of the population of Northenland after many coming-for Sera was becoming full and tensions higher between the Five Great Kingdoms-decided to create the State of Silvershire as a separate country from Northenland on the strong advice of the High Elder Council in Sera. The Haughburough held formal votes to allow the separation of the small shire but the Viken Dwarves were completely supportive of the Elves claiming the stretch of North land theirs, it was only a matter of time. The land of the Silvershire stretched from the Haven to the East up the coast to the forest where it sharply turned to follow the bend of the forests to the West, as the Dwarves had no need for the forest land, and made a sort of upside down boot with the foot curling around part of a circle. So, in complete peace, the Men, Dwarves, and Elves with the occasional Dragon and some merchant Goblins lived on.

In 125 A.B., the Dwarves of Northenland changed their nations name to Vikenland, commonly known as Viken. Northenland consisted of Vikenland and Silvershire but these started to be called the Northlands.

In 128 A.B., the Goblins of Sera attacked the Dwarfish nation and, thinking the Elves were aligning themselves with the Goblins, the Dwarves attacked Silvermere, the Elfish nation. This caused a shock and sudden tension in the Northlands, and the nations went on lockdown on the urging of their respective Race Leaders on Sera.

The Fall of Silvermark
Juleous, Midsummer

In the Midsummer, a man from Mereneth came and, without the Elves knowing, claimed to be an official Ambassador of Silvershire. This man had cloaked himself using the evil magic of the Lord of Mereneth and was disguised as a broad-shouldered Elf, one that might have been borne from a hardy builder of the North Plains. This evil spy feasted and enjoyed the hospitality of the kind Viken in Haughburough, for there was still peace between the nations, and a solution was desired. On the third night, before the first day of Ambassadorial discussions that were to be held for four days in Dwarfish fashion, the man of Mereneth placed an evil device in the basement chamber of the Hoganhouse and slipped away out of a window into the night of the Northlands.

In the moments just before dawn, a tall, lean figure ran through the outskirt streets of Tirith Haven towards Silvermark Castle which stood tall and proud in a combination of Dwarfish and Elfish architecture. The dark cloak twirled around a corner off the main street quite near the castle and the black figure slid into a just-opened door in a round stone turenda (a building used for pumping water with a wheel and spokes). The top had a small hole with arches vanishing into the circular edges where many shadows stood in the protection of darkness. The middle had a gaping two meter all around hole in it where the wooden pump used to sit with its long arms extending out from it for workers to push on. It was regarded as a very important job and paid fairly well in Northland standards. A tall manly figure with a silvery hood stepped out from the shadows, his face obscured from the Midsummer Moon, and he approached the Merenethian disguised as an Elf, stepping around the dark hole.
“Are you ready?” A deep, accented voice came from the Man-Elf. “The device is set and ready in the Hoganhouse.”
A whisper issued from the hooded figure, now quite close to the man, “Thiiiiis war shaaall bee crucciaal to the Merexamortal. Your reward shaaall be sent to you shortly.” Its words were drawn out in ominous fashion, seeming to breathe through the words.
Seconds later the man stepped out of the old turenda, and started running away into the night. The man started to feel worn out and tired and sat down for a quick rest. The next morning a puddle of rubbery slop was found there in the distinguishable shape of a human, though with a hole in its head where one usually finds a brain.

When dawn arrived in the Northlands, the Hoganhouse in the middle of the great Haughburough shook and vibrated and then exploded. The World Supreme Leader of the Dwarves Silverhace Strongstone passed away in his sleep as well as three of his children, the fourth having been shipwrecked on his first journey to Sera. Most of the Grand Council of the Northland Dwarves were blown into oblivion as well as the well-loved Chief of the Army.


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