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    submitted 04 February 2013 @ 17:25
    edited 19 April 2013 @ 01:33

Pencil's Line, and Paint's smear

Written by Elvarnya
Rating: Superb! (5) (5 rating, 2 ratings)

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The stroke of a paint brush,
Imagination running wild,
Now the flow of ideas is going to crush,
Static ideas of style.

A clean canvas is opportunity,
NOT a lack of work,
The mind is a community,
Of ideas going berserk.

Creativity a monster
Eating away at my sanity
It is a backbiter
This is my eternity.

Srch, Srch, of a pencil
Planning the new way
And we are not following a stencil
Cause we're shaping a new day

Silent sound of paint flowing across the canvas
Music in my ears.
I am an enchantress,
My magic is pencil's line, paint's smear.

Lines, lines, lines
Spread in an incoherent pattern
Spreading like vines
Filling this cavern.

People think that art is art,
But really, Is that the truth?
I think it's time to outsmart
The eye of the Sleuth.

And create something
Outside of comprehension
Something so cunning
That it's not even in this dimension.


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