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    submitted 02 September 2012 @ 09:06

The Wrath of The Underworld - Dire

Written by The Scourge

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The dead warriors hurtled up the steps toward the giant prophetic doors, where Achaikos and Hyphastos stood their ground, using the steps so their enemy was funneled into the threshold. The shields of the 'living' greeks came under a barrage of pressure from iron and the weight of a tide of ferocious corpses. Hyphastos hacked and slashed as he was steadily pushed bacwards, into the giant, columned entrance. Together Achaikos and Hyphastos killed several before entering the deep darkness. Achaikos too was being forced back, further away from the support of his friend. Hyohastos ducked under a blade and thrust his own under its chin. Blocking with his shield another attack he spun round pushing one from its feet with his shield. Ripping his sword from the rotten confines of the undead's skull he thrust it the direction of another's forehead. A fourth countered as Hyphastos was exposed. Hyphastos was forced to cancel his attack and with the aid of side-step the attack was parried only a minuet fraction in time. A second sword came in and the first continued its pressure. Even as things looked dire more flooded through.

* * * * * * * *

Nycena was walking through dark, unruly streets when her elbow was gently cradled by a wrinkled palm. She glanced over and saw the dotering old eyes of a man, fragile and pale with age. He had a small, unfashionable goatee and long, pushed back white hair. Expensive, luxurious jewelrey twinkled in the moonlight and long, white robes showed his stature. "Really have I seen such wisdom from one so young. I have seen the coming blight for many decades but never was I brave enough to speak openly. I have managed to find a few through speaking discreetly and after your words in the council I have arranged a meeting with them, I was hoping you could attend."Nycena's heart fluttered with hope, finally she had met another that supported the idea she so fighted for. She nodded gratefully and proceeded to follow the old man for a long while until they reached his home; a large villa-like building, with two parallel columns sitting either side of a large dark door. As she stepped over the threshold she was met with a cold stagnent air and a cruel darkness. Looking across at the man in dismay and confusion she saw his white eyes now yellow and primal, and he slapped her aside with incredible strength, as she flew through the air the man's form changed into a grey, unearthly figure, with grey horns and four large fangs pointing down from his top teeth. A serpants tongue flickered backwards and forwars from a harsh, sly smile. In the corner of Nycena's vision she could see monsters of a similar fashion, creeping closer, lit only by the light of the moon and stars, filtering in through the windows.

* * * * * * * *

Hyphastos was blooded and battered. A spear sliced through the air in his direction and butted away by the tip of his shield. A dozen dead lay at his feet but they continued without relent. Half of the guardians had fallen, counting the total of slain by both Hyphastos' and Achaikos' hand but things were dire; both warriors were pinned against the walls on opposite sides of the temple's grand entrance, where the light's reach was faint and the enemies' blades' hungry. A sword tore through Achaikos' guard weilding him a dangerous wound. His agonized scream alerted Hyphastos of his situation but so many guardians, most of them were not close enough to swing, stood in his way of helping. Hyphastos had little time to dwell on his friend's death; the cry of battle was an ocupying one, but he felt saddened that that would be his dimise, in this silent place were no glory nor fame would belong to him, and no family to speak of. A spear's tip punctured its way through Hyphastos' thigh and the Demi-God slipped to the ground. His shield remained up protecting his face and body but powerful blows rained down incesently and his guard was quickly diminishing.

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