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    submitted 25 August 2012 @ 02:03
    edited 25 September 2012 @ 23:35

Firryl's Encounter

Written by Nightrage
Rating: Good (3) (3 rating, 1 ratings)

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I was just about to finish him off when someone yelled
"If you kill that soldier, I will be forced to kill you."
I laughed, genuinely amused that some one had such courageous words for me.

"And what happens if I don't?" I asked.

"I will arrest you."

Now when the stranger said this i pushed my blade through the young soldier's heart. As soon as i did, an arrow spouted from my shoulder.
"That was a warning shot." Echoed the stranger, "If you surrender i will not kill you."

As i tore the arrow from my shoulder i said "Now now stranger. Is this any way to treat a guest?"

As i spoke, another arrow buried itself into my torso.

"Ok. Now you're making me angry."

I scanned the area of the alleyway for the source of the arrows. I saw a hooded figure dressed in green holding a bow in one hand, and loading an arrow with another. As soon as the next arrow reached me, I caught it in my hand. I could hear the gasp of shock from where i was standing.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you never to anger a vampire?"

"I don't believe you."

The stranger sent another arrow screaming through the air towards my skull. I let it hit me. Though painful, it would strike fear into the stranger of which he had never felt before.

"But vampires aren't re-"

"Yes. We are very much real. And I do believe I shall kill oyu now."

I ran with superb speed to where the stranger was.

"Prepare to die."

I grabbed the stranger by the throat and lifted him high over my head. I heard the stranger whisper something.



I let him drop to the wood balcony.

"Come again?"

"I can help you."

"Oh? And how could you do that?"

"I am a Ranger."

A familiar feeling ran through my body. This was my target. It had to be.

"Whats your name ranger?"


No. This wasn't my target. But he could still be useful.

"Fine. Come on Abnirl."

"Where are we going?"

I laughed at this innocent question.

"To the Ranger encampment."

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