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    submitted 03 December 2010 @ 10:35
    edited 03 December 2010 @ 10:36

Voral and the Vorpal Sword

Written by EyeoftheNyte
Rating: Excellent (4.5) (4.5 rating, 2 ratings)

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Zenden Voral was never what you would call normal, always having an unnatural drive to fight, not only to fight, but win. For all intents he was sane, if only just. Things took a large detour when he arrived at the ruins.

Here he found the remains of what had once been a great city, in ages past. From the remnants surviving the years a few things can be deciphered. The first, the city was once ruled by a great mage king and from the descriptions of him he was both wise and just. Second, the king had at least one son, who did not follow in his father’s footsteps. Thirdly, the mage king had made a great weapon that he used to defend the boarders of his city and people. It was said that the weapon yielded to its wielder’s will and the two would fight as one. Finally, the largest bit that remained details the fall of the city. The king’s son, who was not unskilled in magic, took the weapon under the pretenses that he was going to lead an army and defeat the enemy that had been plaguing them for many years and was slowly gaining ground.

The prince defeated that enemy just as he said, but when the time came he refused to relinquish the weapon. Realizing he and the city had been betrayed, the king confroted his son. The battle was great and violent. Vast knowledge and wisdom clashed against youthful strength and vigor. Unfortunately with the weapon the son was able to defeat his father, however he did not escape unscathed and ultimately died from the wounds inflicted upon him. The king realizing the power of the weapon bound it to the city.

The king never knew how masterful his final act was. The weapon had been a neutral, but sentient, entity. The son, using magic that was beyond him attempted to prevent anyone else from using the weapon’s full potential and linked himself to it. As he died this link did not and part of the young man’s spirit remained with the weapon and infected it forever corrupting the true nature of the weapon. The weapon now desired bloodshed, hungered for it. It also gained the ability to link with its wielder and they would share its vast power with them.

Voral wasn’t the first to find the weapon, now known to be the vorpal sword, but he has been the longest to wield it since the great mage king. There are many facets the swords power can translate to, and only a mage of sufficient ability could harness them all. Voral was never a mage, and because of this the sword’s power has found other ways of being of use granting Voral longer life untouched by withering that time would normally exact as a price.

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