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    submitted 08 July 2004 @ 13:48
    edited 29 May 2016 @ 11:15

Jacrin's Folly

Written by JAD
Rating: Enjoyable (3.5) (3.5 rating, 2 ratings)

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Civic Center For the development of Anti-War Attitudes for Criminal Adolescents

They called anyone below the age of twenty kids and they hated us. When we showed some sort of brillance at school especially in history we would be sent to the Civ to attend workshops. What they were really doing was purposely mis-leading us so that our centers of belief would be put off for at least twenty years before we figured it out.

Not all of us fell for it and instead of buying the propaganda we spent our time secretly continuing our studies. The Civ is really short for Civic Center For the Development of Anti-War Attitudes for Criminal Adolescents. The building is one of the original bunkers inside the hills on the plains of the Cantelou Valley. Not Akramor, the Cantelou Valley... that’s what this place used to be called before the big bad prophet Jade the Gryphon manifested. He along with his cult changed the name of the valley and established their rule during a weak period in the former government.

More importantly It was on the telescreen, A one inch deep monitor that fit across an entire wall. About three feet back there was a control panel with a smaller version of the monitor with a touch screen to navigate the hundreds of channels that was the Free Media Telescreen Online. One could find anything to watch there, almost any information or veiwing one could imagine, Free Media was power, yet it was almost misleading, the good stuff was always hard to find, hidden behind some form of language indescribal and almost always unitelligible, If you didn't have the drive to study the visuals, and break the codes, then all anyone could ever find was reality shows, sitcoms and documentaries with very little information based on truth. Everything was delusion, and is delusion, it's like a cornicopia in front of the blood thirsty pilgrims, they were starving, of course they'd accept food from the natives, those savages, and of course they would accept knowledge on how to farm corn. But that would not stop them from killing those same savages later for being different. Everything was still politics and the conformists let the non-conformists be for the momment, filling the air waves with hundreds of thousands of channels on the Free media network. "Only the Non-conformists would watch these channels, which just happened to be everyone", said would be station executives on a Free Media exclusive, There was at least a few minutes of every citezins free time watching these channels. And there was so many truths out there and so many tangents of truths, that everyone was kept divided by there own bent on whatever truth they believed in. So the new goverment was left pretty free on how they could govern the populace, there was never much of an uprising. To few conspirators, And hell the governments religion, their bent on the truth was so compelling so strong on their politicians that at least the thousands it called it's own stayed pretty true to thier loyalties. It was a nice setup, giving enough slack to change, but hell it was neccessary, according to Jacrins research, it was nothing more than the only was feasible way for the powers to be way back when the remergence of the " old ways " came to be a big political influence in 2010. All these old civilizations re-creating themselves, forgotten ones no one had ever heard of of course, which spawned new religions, new religions more capable to deal with modern mans capability to deal with the world. The clan leaders of the Reborn Akramor called this time period, the war of re-emergence. The intelligent people of this world, who understood religion, politics and human psyhcology wanted to attempt some new things utilizing some old concepts cemeted with their own personal veiwpoints, of course these people were always totaly insane in the past and easily ridiculed and put away, but this time a formula was found to beat the old ways of establishing a stronger movement, finaly someone introduced intelligence and reality into the struggle of human indearment,

" Colleges of the time were primarily responsible, the information given to the public was great enough for a few too many intelligent groups and persons to figure out with a increasing detail the ways one could get enough power, maintain it and make it grow in a cult movement, and the whole introduction of these movements to the adverstisng arena was well discomforting, not only did these soothsayers advertise mouth to mouth, they had billboards, Tv commercials relaying their veiwpoints on the past, the future, and for the first time it was possible to choose your own fantasy of the way the world really was.

Fortunately we were ready to allow this to happen, with our own veiwpoints allowing these newcomers to exist, all our libraries of hidden information went online to members of the organized religions, In truth we became mothers to some many more branches of the catholic Church than any other civilization in history, we carried diverse bizzare beliefs under are belt for centuries that we were finally able to let go, and enter the world of Tekma, and the big organized religions gained a monopoly of these new religions mostly because they had sqaushed so many of them in the past, Old world religions hidden in their libraries became flesh in blood.

"Yes". chuckled the pope in his jeans and Jesus was insane T-shirt, "Information is power", This was the new Pope Deutoronomy the First

"It was on the telescreen now", Jarcins voice raised with a dramatic pitch, that created echos against the cavern wall, " That the games of politics and religion were to be played, new goverments were formed over night, too quickly for the old ones to respond in time to squash, eventually though these old governments too paid respects or homage to new religion in order to survive. And that my fellow students is why the United States of America survived the "Remergence Period".

Jacrin went on in his usual fervor telling his fellow classmates some of the subtlies and flourishments of some of the occult leaders and how various governments. dealt with them and conspired with them in order to keep some power of the populaces of their great nation. He told them how the government slaughtered and slaughtered and turned their backs on the right momments and weasled their way to a certain existence in this fresh and new world that was begining to form. But it seemed to lack something thought Jacrin. Everyone in the cavern about him knew these things if not all the details some of them. It was a nice pretty story full of betrayals and highly dramatic allinaces forged in battle. And he smiled as he read the last line. "And life changed for everyone again with this", Jacrin raised his hand holding a book, he opened it and showed it to the crowd, it was filled with empty pages. Now that he told himself was corny, but a flourish I entertain myself justly with. For the book only looked empty, under one of his reading lights it held the notes he had gathered on his speech, and how Jacrin planned to leave this world, to the moon Alice, dredged up from his research, to the moon and beyond. Interstellar travel utilizing the Mosu talents he had garnered and studied since he was young enough to remember looking at the moon. Of cheese and dust.

The New Atlantis Infirmary and research center for disease.

Jacrin stared down at his inner elbows. Felt the blotches tingle there. It was like electrical shockwaves were running through his body. He shivered and adjusted his withering flesh into the hospital bed. The gel underneath him oozed to the left and right. The green life force it sustained in him kept him alive by pouring positve emotions and energy into his flesh. At least that was what it was supposed to do. Jacrin smiled at the nurse as she came in with the doctor. "Small world, Teka. I see you choose a healing profession after all those years in the zone. Interesting after your previous highly esteemed profession in horizontal positions. Maybe you could truly understand what goes wrong with us men", he scolded. It was then he realized he did not know this nurse and she looked nothing like a whore he was once intimate with. "Where is my father" he shouted. Forcing the windows shut across the room at least in his mind.. The air became silent with a billion crystals of moisture all held in place by a thought before the nurse left her head down as she ran screaming with tears. The doctor however walked casually to the side of his hospital bed. "So, You wanted to manifest.?" the doctor asked angrily. Jacrin felt something in him shiver and he became in a instant a cornered man ready to fight for his beliefs. No questions monsuier he breathed the words rasping against his eyelids like a file. I do what I do for greater goods. Yet now the doctor was not there. The windows were open and now he was the one screaming, his body convulsing. He felt unintelligible words frothing off his tounge with a green syrupy sewer smell that means nothing. Then he was staring into a world of blue twillight, a world of the mosu, a state beyond interaction with ordinary objects and people. Here there was a measure of peace... and the questions rolled inside his head. "Who is Teka, why was I so angry?" Jacrin felt the pumping of his heart shattering the bones in his body, heard the screams of the dammned in hades, "I am deaf" he screamed, "I am deaf, I have lost my sanity to sheets of the whore, gos dam nie beim shulokivias, my lord, what would have miaze done to become such a monster." The questions and ponderings the mass chaos of millions of thoughts burrowed and clawed at his flesh of which there had to be an answer. Someone had to speak up, someone had to kill, someone had to beat. to maim, to force the issue,

The world shall stand still, and the world shall stand still, and the world shall stand still he ranted in his delirum. The hospital room was quiet. A nurse held a hand over his head, whispering the world shall stand still, the world shall stand still, she chanted slowly with a expert care and it seemed the kindness and caring alone in her words made his brain react. The doctor stood a few feet away. His eyes too were full of concern, his mustache quivered in golden movements as he spoke,"Son please scare us no longer, you have contracted Mulupus the mosuian demon bug. The virus will only bite when your adept senses are activated which seems constant for you when you wake up." The doctors long hair fell to his mid back and he wore branded scars on his lower cheeks and tattos around his mouth. "You are a veteran of the remergence" Jacrin said,"A non-believer before the wyrm. You are a doctor my research found non-believers before the wyrm mostly perished under the Gryphons maddness, and yet you were spared one of the few I take that took the Gryphon down to reason."

"No" the doctor said shifting his feet. "We took the gryphon to the ground by our weight in the vehicle we were in, he clawed the metal to shreds. and my brethren but he sought more un-believers before checking to make sure they were dead. These scars on my cheek are from his claws. I could heal them but I choose not to as to remind a few of the dangers of manifestiing. Such as a particular patient I would now like to address of more serious matters. Those blothces on your arms are punishment by the council the mulupus virus will stay with you until you die. You have three choices back to the zone or treatment that will undo the wonders that gave you the ability to manifest in the first place, which will drop your achievable ranking by four fold to scribe and nothng much more. or you could vie to become ward to the council and abide by where and when they tell you to piss and live for the rest of your life as a public servant."

Jacrin looked down, the nurse was now whispering in his ear and the world shall stand still, her voice had changed a little it seemed more seductive, more capable of malice. he could feel her eyes looking inro his brain, he could feel the doctor breathing across the room, he felt for an instant invulnerable, and then it shattered and Jacrin looked down at the blotches of his naked flesh the bright red and orange pussing sores. A pang of electricity ran through them. and the sores seemed to secrete a little.

The doctor adjusted his garb nodded to the nurse and said "Make a decsion son, decisions as you know are vital to survival just call it out when you know." "What about Teka?" Jacrin said within his head, or out of his liips.. he could not tell. "Is she still here. Still here. here still.. what is happening to me." Jacrin felt the young lady nurse thing looking into his ear still whispering the words that kept him somewhat sane, she seemed tired. No one answered him so he called again "Nurse?" He felt her touch him and the blood painfully surging thru his sores into her veins. She was weakening, he could feel her soft hands and he knew she was young, possibly sixteen at most yet but not much more, yet it was hard to tell from a glance and a touch of a hand. "Nurse could you tell me how I got here?". She smacked his hand with some just enough force to ennuncinate a firm no. "Thanks anyway.." he mumbled.

Later when Jacrin was firmly in thrall in his sickness the doctor returned and the nurse rose to stand beside him. "Doctor" she asked. Looking worried the doctor raised a hand to her shoulder "What's the matter Cynn?" Cynn turning to glance at Jacrin said "Why didnt you tell him what was happening to him, what would happen to him if he didnt take the treatment." Sighing he looked Cynn in the eye, "When it comes to this type of patient one who has attempted to manifest and is in the process of doing so. Usually they figure out or already know that the mulupus is a farce, that there body is changing and their minds are in chaos for it, for them although they know it may mean death if they don't grasp sanity within time from within this chaos, they all choose to let it run it's course. At least this particular type does we can at least save the lesser courageous ones for public office or throw them back to the zone unarmed to be disposed of. This one will do his best to survive the maelstrom for his purpose, and if it is and he comes out changed into some creature of twillight, when the equinox is near well he will be killed like any other. Nurse your orientation specifically said not to bond with these poor folks. Did you bond with him?. Cynn lowered her head in shame, "I don't think so Doctor Macaveil, to tell you the truth he felt calmer after I touched his hand and I don't know if I should have, and I really feel sorry for him." Macaveil shook his head and squeezed her shoulder, "Cynn I want you to remember the importance of your job, take a weeks leave and during the interim Teka can look over this one. Now is there anything else?" Raising her head she looked into his eyes "Yes doctor he asked me how he got here as if he didn't know?.

"Was he saarcastic or does he truly not remember?"

I am not sure doctor.

Interesting most of these cases remember their attempt at sucide or at least somtehing, a fight or battle.

He said thank you also doctor, he seems kind.

Well as not to be outdone by a prisoner thank you nurse information is always valueable.

Giving is a prime profession Doctor Macaveil.

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