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    submitted 27 December 2004 @ 19:37
    edited 11 March 2018 @ 09:41

Tutorial: Group Creation

Article written by JAD
Rating: Very Good (4) (4 rating, 5 ratings)

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When you create a group on Fantasy Role you can use it to fulfill your imagination along any path you desire. There are alot of group tools to aid you in this objective. You are going to have alot of fun. With that said this article is meant to give you some things to think about in your creation process.

1. Having content.
When a player visits your group they will be looking for something they have in common with you. Having content on your group pages about what your group is about and what it is doing helps to attract members. All groups are made up of bonds. Things you have in common that bring you together. Remember that.

Of course you don't ever have to attract members if you don't want to. You don't even have to join your own group. You may want to create a group just so that you can have fun creating objects or play with the group database or maps tools in world building.

2. Starting with a small group of players.
When you start a group along with some of the people you rp with it helps build momentum. If you are starting out by yourself you can of course create several characters to populate your group. This is best done with characters that make sense to have in your group. For instance if you had a school, creating a principal and a few teacher characters to join your group would make sense.

3. Where's the RP?
When a character joins your group it means they want to be involved. so if you are not going to be online for awhile you might want to let people know about it. When you open up a room either in private or public chat you can have this show on your group home page, along with where your group is rping. Be sure to let people know how and where your group rps and how often. Another form of rp besides chat rping, is message board rping. You can create as many forums as you like for your group. Though don't go overboard, a dead forum is an ungainly sight.

4. Rules
As the owner of your group you are free to impose any rules or guidelines of your choosing. These will only apply to anyone who joins your group. Having these visible in your group where visitors and new members can see it, is a way to attract new members that like the rules you come up with, or one method to disuade people you don't want in your group. As to T1, T2, Para conventions you can choose which if any of these you want to use.

5. Scheduling
An old trick of veterans, who you hardly ever see in public chat these days. Is "scheduling". When you commit to rping in chat a certain day of the week and a certain time and stick to this like glue. Players will know they can always get rp then and so will you.

6. Transcripts
A type of content you can put on your site is transcripts of your rp sessions. In the RP Articles section of Learning/Tools you will find Transcripts (Tips and Tricks) which will make cleaning transcripts alot easier. Having transcripts of your games up on the site allows players in your group to reference previous games and keep track of what is going on if they miss a game. It also creates a history both for yourself and the rpg chat gaming medium. When using a group chatroom you can easily post your transcript to one of your group forums.

7. How do I get players to join my group?
To get players to join your group with their characters you must offer them something they want to be a part of, a player that primarily rps modern fiction may not want to join a rp based in a fantasy world ect.. Furthermore if a player joins your group and never gets to rp because you haven't come online in a month, they are likely to leave, or not pay attention to the group anymore. In the end the desire to have people to join your group is entirely up to you to bring to pass. You could go into chat and open a room to recruit for the group, advertise in places like the slave auction where there are alot of people ect. It can take a really long time, to find players who like the same kind of rp you do, yet at least with Fantasy Role, you know it's going to be easier for players to find your group and only a few clicks join. The amount of work you do in creating content for the group really helps in attracting new members.

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