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    submitted 16 October 2004 @ 09:57
    edited 11 March 2018 @ 09:43

Basic Html

Article written by JAD
Rating: Excellent (4.5) (4.5 rating, 12 ratings)

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How to use html on Fantasy Role!

This is not hard, not really it just takes time. In order to spice up your
profiles with pictures, make links from one place to another across the site
you can use html to make it happen. Html uses open and close tags such as [B]bold[/B].
All you see is the word Bold in bold yet really what is actualy on this page
is [B]bold[/B]. You can use quite a few formatting html code to
make your information on fantasy role more beautiful or easier to read.

Before we get into slashing away at the orcs if you starts a tag like [B][B]
for bold and leave it open it will continue going until you tell it to stop.<
/ b> [/B]

[B]Egad's it's not stopping help! Help it won't go away. Frank how do we exorcise
the evil bold demon? [/B]

Oh [/B] Thanks I forgot to make sure there was no spaces in [/B].

In many ways html is like a magical language used by mages and in order to
deal with the spirits we conjure to do our bidding we must have patience and
on many occasions call on higher powers or hit the books again.

The Apprentices' Cantrips

These formatting tags for text you'll use all the time without thinking about
it, they are easy to remember so don't forget them in the heat of battle.






The Six headed Monster

There should be nine of these like a hydra but there are only six. So with a swift
stroke of your battle axe you can imitate any of them by chopping off their heads
and printing them very carefully in your notebooks. Headings are great when you
are dealing with alot of information such as you'll notice the Six Headed Monster
up there is actually

The Six Headed Monster

. Just remember
that the first head is the largest and they get progressively smaller. I've taken
the liberty of naming them after greek figures.







Break the monotony

- a break, for instance if we wanted to have this line of type end

there we'd toss one of these in to tell it's who is boss

which comes in handy

if you like this

sort of



This is an example of a paragraph. It doen't look any different then
they other paragraphs without it does it? However in many cases you'll notice
that there is a extra space after it. Though maybe not in this one. I think
I ought to ask a higher power why?


There are a couple ways to make lists with html all of which really come in handy
for the prolific rper. To tell you the truth I've never really looked into these
personally. Yet you can bet I'll be using these charms in the future.
Example 1


    [*]Stone Touch[/*]

    [*]Beached Whale[/*]

where the code is:


[*] Fireball [/*]

[*] Stone Touch [/*]

[*] Beached Whale [/*]

Example 2




where the code is

    [*] Enchantment [/*]

    < li> Conjuration [/*]

    [*] Destruction [/*]

Example 3


of the nights smells


a region of the landscape where monsters dwell ready to prey on any that travel there


one that desires to drink when their body does not require it

where the code is:



of the nights smells


a region of the landscape where monsters dwell ready to prey on any
that travel there


one that desires to drink when their body does not require it

To make a link:

Hub Gallery

The url
in the quotes is the destination of the link. While 'Member's Hub Gallery' is
the title for that destination.

To insert a picture:

Soul drinkers claws drink <br />  purity and spit back death Alt here stands for alternative text, when you put
your mouse over this image it will display this text. Pictures do not require
a closing tag.

Tired of black type:

Ok lets make some color appear in our lives and at the same time remember if
we want people to read what we have written it ought to not be too light to
read. With this in mind when using color in large blocks of type remember that
color as a design element should be used sparingly like salt on food. Add too
much salt to your dinner and it is unlikely it will be savoured on your taste
buds. With that said in order to get color into your text all you have to do

The end of monotone
has arrived

Now color has been unleased, yet what is "##FF0000"? Well that's
the hex number of the color. Here are a couple and using your own computer or
looking around line you can find alot more.

Red - #990000

Blue - #000099

Purple - #660066

Green - #006600

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