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    submitted 30 July 2004 @ 12:18
    edited 29 May 2016 @ 11:15

The Trouble with Oracles

Written by JAD
Rating: Excellent (4.5) (4.5 rating, 4 ratings)

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Awhile back I was visited by a oracle who had quite a bit to say. It seems that a freind of mine was according to the "oracle" about to be killed. I was not the type to fall in with the woo-woo people and their pretty little delusions so I did not act upon the oracles premonition. My freind did not die physically yet he did loose his mind. That's what happens when you play poker with a Adams Corporation Executive. Served him right I still say. Yet the notion that the "oracle" had been right at least in a sense bid me motive to look further into the whole issue of visions, premonitions and general divination stuff. I set myself to studying tarot card reading and the prophecies of Nostra'dum'ass.

Yet that was all meaningless jargon, I wanted something more concrete so I sought out antique books and guru's. Lost quite a bit of money on that tact only to find myself poor and living in one of those huge block cities just below the surface where the poor were forced to eek out a living. It was all quite bunk and I missed the days when I could glance at a girl and she already knowing my bank account would rush over and spend time with me. Those days were over and my life consisted of sleeping with three million girls, although all roaches squirming around my little grey blanket. I did discover that the poor had quite a bit of good common sense divination, all derived from perception.

Was'nt quite what I was looking for yet the honesty was at least there, even if they couldn’t express it in big words. It was while I was in line for one of those free meals the rich think they're charitable for that I met a hag. The hag bit my shoulder and feircely kicked me for no reason. She was crazy but something in that bite got me thinking. It had been along time. If I could see the future what exactly would I see anyway. What were the chances that I would see anything relevant to my life or shareholder prices. Would it be like a great eye opening up on a void in space upon the planet I resided? Could I direct this eye to what I wanted to look at? There were plenty of questions as I sat there rubbing my shoulder from where the hag had bit me. In some directions other people had taken great angels or spirits guided the divinations. Yet what was the true likliehood of that?

I'm quite sure my future ancestor would love to take a stroll for me and let me read thru his eyes the winning title's of the next thousand or so games of peekaboo. Or for that matter that some great feathered winged angel will scout around in the future and grab the blueprints for the next ground shaking invention. With the obvious chaos of the life right in front of my face amongst these other simple living poor I had no question as to that validity. Yet these same poor believed in astrology and tarot readings to some extent. They believed the roatation of the planets and a random card could tell them their future. I knew that already to be a load of bull.

Still what really ate my noggin was that if you applied dimensional awareness as a human characteristic beyond the whole tactile finger thing, then perhaps you might get a green light for divination that worked. There were quite a few problems with the idea yet it was simply thus. A human would not survive in the chaotic world that we all live in without a bit of a booster shot every now and again. Given disease and possible cannibalism to top it all of we just needed a bit of a accessory to finish us off. If we had the unconcious ability to see the future we might just be all right. It wouldn't have to be much of a power yet at least strong enough for a few seconds ahead, like in the bones type of thing. Maybe some rare cases of more, much more complicated.

I remember pausing there as the thoughts soared thru my brain I'd become a woo-woo and could be certified as crazy. I dropped the idea entirely. The hag that bit me that day I saw at a later day sitting on her porch. She was knitting some sort of wire mesh cloth for a freind likely. I threw a old bolt at her head and killed her. I bet you, I and her didn't see that coming. No fortune teller would have either I assured myself.

Yet the very next day I came into the possesion of a book that I think proved me wrong. I loved this book.

The book insisted that people who saw the future were all wrong. Seeing the future is like getting a glimpse thru a narrow crack of space time, what is on the other side of that crack could be another universe altogether filled with strange beings. The human brain has it's own translator of sorts and the murky distorted shapes become human in memory and all sorts of other things are added in hindsight. Yet occasionally that crack might show the future in close proximity to where one is.

Here the problem arises in industrial technological know how. The odds Nostra'dum'ass saw a fantasy football game, played on a digital feild, on some idiot's personal computer. with there networked buddies is in my opinion more likely. What if said oracle who glimpsed the future sat in a movie theater and watched a thriller movie. How would the oracle know the difference from fiction and reality. The whole context could be thrown off balance making whatever prediction spoken totally off base. Add in social conventions of manners and attitudes towards trivial things and you get even more of a mess.

Oh and don’t forget that the human mind translates these supposedly quick visions or senses. To say that it is translated is to say that when you say see something happening in your future and there is someone next to you, your mind with only the information of the past to relate it to is likely to fill in names or characteristics of the past to ascribe to that person. Thusly someone you don’t know will become someone you do. So when you find yourself near a place you’ve never been, but sort of reminds you of your old street corner, then notice a person standing next to you that reminds you of that particular person you thought the vision spoke of, the event is likely to begin. Odds are though you will not put two and two together and realize your “vision” was true. If you even remember having the vision in the first place, you might just get a sense of dejavu. Nice word that dejavu, shrug it off as a coincidence. You just got it screwed up completely because your brain is not built to predict the future.

Next take into account that any vision’s sequence of events is not realities sequence of event. So when the vision shows a man you think is you pawwing at the earth of a grave and then standing and walking away. This is just as likely two event as one, which you would not discover until hindsight, though odds are that you will discover it, your future self could be idly pawing at a grave for the shere stupidty of it, while the man that stands up could just as simple be your son rising from his knee, looking down on the grave of his father who has died because he was stupid.

Still continuing on in another example, what about alternate realities, couldn’t you just as readily be seeing an alternate dimension, where at that momment in time things are heading, specifically only in that instant and no others, because two seconds from them, someone stops being predictable and does something they had never thought of before. The very idea of oracles existing even in small numbers points to quick and sudden changes in the future. Oracle A sees a plane crash and decides to change the future and call the airline company. A week ago Oracle B saw that a plane was being boarded completely by murderers, rapists and child molesters and decided to take matters in his or her own hands and personally sabotage the plane so it would crash. One is mucking up the other, the plane does not crash. However in this case both still believe they’ve actually seen the future. They haven’t no not really they’ve made the future. What if A and B saw the plane crash and only B saw the fact of who was boarding it and his or herself sabotaging the plane. Looks to me like only A ends up believing they can change the future.

Then what about the changes in people, if your brain translates the information, and in the future you’ve become a different person then you were in the past, wouldn’t you get yourself mixed up thinking they were somebody different. So thusly you becomes John, becomes Sally, becomes Roger, becomes Theodore Roosevelt that one eyed Odin of the past. You see John in the future because you’ve become more like him working at a local library, while John has finished college in reality and got a great career as a wageslave accountant. (Do you tell John about your vision that you saw him still working for the library in the future?). In the next sequence of the vision or another vision you see Sally riding a horse kissing another girl, it throws you for a loop, but really this is because in this version of the future you have taken on a lot of sally’s qualities, her frantic anti-oracle beliefs, you are more her then yourself and your brain translates this difference. Goodness what would happen if you told Sally that one day she would become a lesbian and ride horses. She's’an amputee for goodness sakes and she had healthy looking legs in the vision.

The whole buisness of divination is riddled with corruption and con-artists looking for a buck who with all likliehood are more then likely causing more of a problem then helping anyone or themselves with squat. I decided to become a con artist looking to make a buck.

I worked the blocks without inhibition telling people what they wanted to hear. In no time at all I was making just as much money as I had before I sought the whole divination thing anyhow. Especially since I spent most of my time teaching others under some sort of guise of a secret how I saw the future. What I taught them was bunk, I did’nt want any competition. That is of course when I started having my visions.

It seemed there was one whole feild of speculation I had left out, the religion bit. Perhaps I hadn’t taken it entirely seriously. If there is a entity out there? A great being or group of beings that meddles in human affairs by sending “visions” to blokes like me. I didn’t ask for them, nor did I want them. It was almost as punishment to all those folks I’d lied to about their futures. “Oh you will have a great life, children.. one of your kids will be very successful, I see a scapel in his hand.” Blah, blah, blah I didn’t see any scapel, I just knew the sort of person standing in front of me, telescreens makes cookie cutter people that a con-artist like me can spot by the clothes on their back and small minituae apparent in their manners. I can tell a retail clerk from a butcher any day of the week from ten paces, just in how they walk or stand. I can do this because I see a lot of people and after I give them their “reading” they tell me all about themselves. I’ve become attuned to the cues in their voice, their posture, to the roughness of their palms. The hands of a man who uses his mind most often for work are soft, a man who labors are rough, covered in scars and tough. I attribute all this to perception but you can kind of feel them too, not exactly their energy but how all they are affects your energy. That sounds a bit woo-woo but I’ve found a bit of woo-woo are attempts to describe things we do not understand yet ought to be in our vocabulary. Such as feeling a person’s energy is feeling your own response in their presence. There are pheremones involved most likely and their manner, their entirity what they say, if they are dominating or submissive, or yell at you, or look capable of something you yourself will respond to them. That’s not woo-woo that’s reality.

Yet I ought to get back of my visions and religion. Well all I could come up is that perhaps there is an entity out there, god, the devil, aliens, someone or something that likes to whisper in the ears of the little people once in awhile… a few charitable words. It reeks of money given by rich people to the charity of the poor. All the poor really needed was a good education and dentistry yet then they wouldn't be poor. The rich would then have rivals to contend with and if the rich were so smart why would they want that.

That seemed to be the case as the visions seemed to be spot on the mark. I checked them. I saw a truck hitting a little girl off to my right. In the vision I smiled and looked up at the street signs, then went about measuring the distance, figuring out where the girl had stood before being hit. I stepped away from my work and went to the street corner, stood there all day and nothing happened. I continued this for three weeks. I may have killed a hag that bit me but I was not about to let a little girl die. My job of lying could wait, the newspeople caught on where I was, they set up a hidden camera, then the day came. I saw the crowd from the vision.

I’d been reviewing my notes on this every night. Man with a red shirt, a mechanic, a nun talking to a young woman painted blue. This was it!!!! I was in position I was well rested and ready, weeks waiting had built up my stamina. I saw the little girl, she was running in a hurry to go somewhere, probably home, I reached out and grabbed her as the truck suddenly came out from nowhere around the corner of the intersection she was about to run into, why shouldn’t she run across the street, there were no cars around. The truck had come out of a parking lot, I hadn’t seen it either. The truck sped by, the girl looked up at me and said “Thanks Mister”. I looked down at her and said “No problem, just be more carefull”. I let go of her hand and walked her safely across the street.

Then I turned and walked away, I felt good. You don’t save a little girl’s life and not feel good. Yet I was also severly confused, my obsession to stand on that corner for all those days, had driven me to the point of dispair. Now it was all over… How in the hell did I get the visions in the first place. Was it some sort of benevolent benefactor? Then I saw the media circus descending around me, I looked back towards the girl, and there she was being chased by a reporter and a camera man. I turned again and I was suddenly surrouned on all sides.

I must have made too much money as a con man or too many enemies in people who thought I’d given them honest readings. When it was all said and done they accused me of staging it somehow. They thought I was pulling a media stunt. I wondered if the vision I saw had possibly been from FMNO, TNNS or any other number of stations that showed the clip of me saving the little girl and standing on the corner for so many weeks without reason. Yet that didn’t make sense either, maybe it was my destiny to go thru life and come to this place. Yet that doesn’t apply free will. I wouldn’t have had the choice to do this or that. I decided on destiny, cause it sounds more like a fast moving train and once you set yourself on a track, you are bound to get somewhere. That’s what destiny was to me then, you are yourself, what you care about you make part of what you do, seeking by free will, slowly you take form, you goto college, you get a degree, you become a pilot, you become a banker, you become anything.

Maybe I became an oracle still seeking it even after turning away from it. Performing blashemy against the greatness of that vision and the joy of what I was able to do in saving that little girls life. I don’t know, the visions though kept coming and I was prepared for them, the unclear ones I kept reminding myself that I could not trust, only those pure strong, completely clear to the point where I could see each blade of grass, each scent of dew… those, those I took as some sort of sign from above.

I won’t tell you of my adventures because they actually did not happen. I did stage the incident with the little girl. I’ve made a lot of money since then. Though it’s no surprise that you believed me, that’s human nature. I could tell you right now that I’m kidding, that it was true, that I saved the little girls life and even after telling you the truth, you would want to believe me.

Only it’s not, if you really want to save little girls lives, don’t let them run in the streets… watch over them, find the monsters and do your duty, forget about visions, seeing the future and go out there and talk with people, learn about human nature and how your mind works.

Only then when you are looking with keen observation, given history and experience will you notice the cues that could spell someone elses danger or your own. That girl running in the street when a truck may come out of a blind spot of her vision and hit her. For goodness sakes stop her it doesn’t take a vision, a tarot card reading or some other sort of divination to know that truck might be coming.

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