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Order by show writings per page.

  Title Author Created Rating

 Brocolli (Poem) Jack Morris 13-June-2007 Rating: 4
 She Does Things (Poem) Jack Morris 13-June-2007 Rating: 5
 Porn and You (Poem) Jack Morris 15-Feb-2007 Rating: 3.5
 Bohemian Blarg (Poem) Jack Morris 06-Feb-2007 Rating: 5
 The Seeds (Poem) Jack Morris 06-Feb-2007 Rating: 4
 Fuct Inspirational (Poem) Jack Morris 22-Oct-2006
 Nancy (Poem) JAD 22-Oct-2006 Rating: 5
 Becky (Poem) Jack Morris 17-Aug-2006 Rating: 4.5
 Affair with Truth (Poem) Jack Morris 14-Mar-2006 Rating: 3
 A Television Commentary (Poem) Jack Morris 07-Mar-2006 Rating: 5
 Soldier (Poem) commissar 23-Feb-2006
 Movie (Poem) commissar 23-Feb-2006
 KPH (Poem) Jack Morris 18-Feb-2006
 Strawberry Suicide (Poem) Jack Morris 09-Feb-2006
 Mercury (Poem) commissar 17-Jan-2006 Rating: 3
 Anarcho Changes (Poem) commissar 17-Jan-2006
 My Belly (Poem) Jack Morris 10-Jan-2006 Rating: 5
 Value Mart (Poem) Jack Morris 08-Jan-2006 Rating: 5
 Free Shakers (Poem) Kristi 24-Dec-2005 Rating: 5
 Crimson Nimbus (Poem) Jack Morris 24-Dec-2005 Rating: 5
 Music Fans (Poem) Jack Morris 09-Dec-2005
 Seashell Intoxication (Poem) Jack Morris 09-Dec-2005 Rating: 5
 Obsession (Poem) commissar 09-Dec-2005 Rating: 5
 I Want (Poem) commissar 07-Dec-2005 Rating: 3
 Random (Poem) commissar 07-Dec-2005


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