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    submitted 15 March 2005 @ 20:16
    edited 07 December 2005 @ 11:28

Fighting Bore-dom

Written by Jack Morris
Rating: Good (3) (3 rating, 1 ratings)

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...and we are flying on the theoretical carpet of guessed recipes
to find a future with promise.

that imaginary world made real
by the touch of a enlightened hand
wink of eye oppurtunity

and boor-dom is a gravity well
threatening to slice the throats
harness the proletarit backs
force our hands
into a struggle
a surrealist revolution
to free humanity
from the iccee chains of perceived
of unresearched,
under-nourished minds
seeing a status quo of re-al-ity.

This is how the world works lines
burrowing like parasites into the neurons
the belief centers of the brain box
epicenter of the grand electronic earthquakes
making the thoughts that run thru our heads

run thru our heads like balls of lightning
bursting with syllables and images
from the input of data

streaming from spermicide eyes,
clogged nasal passages and tongues wagging the peer pressures of society

and no one is immune from the ignorance
the lack of megabytes
because what we don't know
what we fail to realize
what the what
is that the that
all is under the path of least resistance clause
water rolling down hill follows the path of least resistance

so we avoid the boulders and try to keep our lives simple
break everything down into symbolistic building blocks
moisture to prevent dehydration
nourishment to fuel the engines of mobility
and reproduction to continue the species.

and here boredom enters at his curtain call
made up like a evil super hero
all in black and with disporportionate head to torso
his figure such a blurr that it draws and holds
leaving one to try and figure out the figure
standing before as the bore-domination thrives
in the deer caught in the head lights brain boxes
afflicted with the disease.

A hypochondriac affliction
because there are things to do
places to go
and wishes given license after construction.

Because there are new things,
new ideas bursting like supernovas into the universe everyday
and the gas pedal is all the way down
as the world turns
spinning faster and faster
for those who take upon themselves the concept of individuality
moving in different directions
where there are those new things, new worlds
and boredom has not the wheels to keep up
with the 10 second riders of freaks
making the world a better place
by bringing about changes and new oppurtunities

and we are flying on the theoretical carpet of guessed recipes
to find a future with promise.

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