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    submitted 08 January 2006 @ 18:19

Value Mart

Written by Jack Morris
Rating: Superb! (5) (5 rating, 2 ratings)

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Value is the word so stuck in my head,
like a stick halting the gears of the old clock work, wax worked, bomb shelter o' balmed finger tapping beats, that used to run so cherry slick smooth against the heat of your tounge.

Now stuck, now heating like a reactor core on three mile island, wave to chaos, "hi chaos" fermenting all the clever thoughts into doing the stupid thing and trying to fix something that ain't, is not, would not be a danger if you didn't try to fix it.

Broken, its broken, smoking from the edges, over-heating, and only due to lack of self confidence in the manufacturers creation, fiddled with to the point of near death, near cataclyismic super duper, high retail death. Bought not at Wal-Mart but Value Mart.

I am at Value-Mart like a good fledgling Botin from the suburbs, browsing ailses for what I want to be, what I want to say, in order to procreate with a willing partner, make babies that can then goto Value-Mart and buy their lives as if that could work, should work, and is the way the world works.

The only problem is that I am broke, have been broke, and am likely given the last Botin mold I purchased, am likely to continue to be broke. Because that is how the fledgling artist is supposed to start out, and I wanted to be an artist, so I bought the artist mold,
so I am broke, not just broke but working broke, which means I bought the working broke add-on to the artist mold, which means that I make money enough to pay the rent, and eat a little but not enough to actually buy art supplies, or have any time to work on artwork, because somewhere along the line I seem to have let someone sell me a lazy and focus only on one thing accessory.

Which is why I am at Value-Mart because I need to buy a new mold and dump off these accessories. It would be nice to have a mold that let me eat a little better, attract a different kind of girl, and everyone would like it if I smelled a little better. So I am going to try and sell out, but I'm pretty sure, no one is going to be interested in a old fashioned artist mold with those particular accessories, and the shopping cart of baggage I'd had in layaway for about a dozen odd years.

And between me and you the value we've purchased and made part of our lives,
are as different as using the line "between night and day"
and "between a nipple ring and grandma's shoo fly"
one of which makes sense, and the other just sort of mysterious and nutty,
put there just to confuse people a little bit, because confusing people is part of one of the values one of us chooses to have in our lives.

We all seem have made different purchases at value-mart,
my mother bought the god value, from the mormon church brand,
my father bought the god value, from the home bible reading brand
and I bought the god value, from the It's a personal, undefinable, how dare you decide, the bible is just a best seller, and religion just a tool to allow crazy people a method to survive in society, brand o' long and healthy named branded brands.

It's a buy and sell world of capitalism in america, not just of goods and services,
but of ideas and approaches to ideas. Even the idea of capitalism is for sell, how much money you got exactly. And we are all despite what we may think we are doing, buying and selling things everyday.

It's not wonder then to realize that America is covered with pimps, whores, johns and maniacs killing pimps and whores and johns because they have gone crazy with it all.

Maybe that's it, the american people are crazy, it's a mass psychosis that will lead them on into the thought of pschoprenia neccesary for the arrogance of wars, duplicity in doing good and evil in politics and making a hell of alot of porn. A hell of a lot of porn.

But I don't believe in hell because that was in my god value package. However something must be failing with it, because it's starting to slip and my value seems to be shifting from bring on the porn, to how porn is useless and I'd rather have a woman to have sex with.

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