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    submitted 07 December 2005 @ 10:56
    edited 29 May 2016 @ 11:12

Giants Sleep

Written by JAD

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Akramor Series (clipping from Miaze’s journal)

Did you hear the giants cries,
as he mourned his lusts,
crying out,
to greet the ocean,
the tides,
cool beach sand,
to stand in his old footsteps.

Tell me,
tell me,
somewhere along the lost tales,
somewhere some light must cast shade,
to conflict the story as said,

The giant came as an angel of labor,
to build the mighty fortress of lords mount,
to build the towers,
and lonely hills,

He came by foot,
and hundreds of his footfalls,
have you seen him,
among the valley’s floor at twillight,
or atop his lonely hill,
tracing the stars with his fingers,
casting a tear at the moon,
mourning his warm tides.
he missed his ocean,
no lore is of the lack,
and as the moon falls from the sky,
as light appears from early sun,
shines anon the solitary hill,
casting the giant’s stony flesh,
to seconds of breath,
and the shadows of this sages,
beard fall upon,
no ground as to merit,
this sight,
it as to still the deserts hot glow,
inflict a lifetime of sorrow,
that such a great man,
should fall also to the great tide,
yet to sleep for a dozen lifetimes,
beneath stony skins,
what sort of initiation is this,
and to what higher clan.

Across the land he covers,
a mile abreast,
from stern to stern,
a mile the great giant from the sea

This desert lays with many shades of brown,
tumbleweeds and sage,
cursed with the careful glances of mighty men,
lay my body there,
cried the giant,
in this rock and sand,
valley scourged by dragons flames,
antelope gathered and fluttered away,
questing water in other springs,
with their thunder hooves,
leading all away.

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