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Space Fee's

Event on 19 June 2015
by JAD posted 12-June-2015

Good TIMES everybody! Our incarnation as Frstoryforge is now a year old. The site space and domain fees have been paid and if ya' would like to celebrate with us a year of existence feel free to throw a couple dollars or more into the space fee's hopper (Ive been personally playing alot of minecraft and of course rping in that chat a bit.) To note our space fees are handled by a sort of adhoc council of old timers (none of which own canes or walkers). I think we might have come up with some sort of name like the Founders or something. We hope you are excited as we are about another year of existence. (This post has been updated and previously was posted before the payment of space fees had been made.)

[~Azu sneaks onto the post and waves her cane about~ "You don't know what I got!" hehe]

!CORRECTION! "Azu has a cane and we dont know what she's got."

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