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Art Sales/Commissions/Trade

by JAD posted 07-Sep-2014

A new section called Art has been added in the Member's Hub for site members to announce their ability to do commissions ect. It's still a bit rough and needs some polish. Indeed in Art/Work_list that is a task someone can trade equal time for. The general running plan is to place a new icon on the home page leading to this section... and for that matter the Member's Hub as well. There's alot of work to be done here on the site. If you'd like to contribute goto Art/Work_force and set your character's status to "Site vollunter" . Character!!! WHAT!!! All art sales/commissions/trade ect must be done thru one of your characters on the site. Why? Well because you can't do that in real life... and no one will let us do something as simple as this in real life. Not to mention any disputes between characters are not reason for one or the other to leave the site due to bad business practices. You may need to create a character for this purpose but it is suggested that you experiment with multiple specialized characters with different occupations. Tutorials/Guides and suggestions are forthcoming and need your input. For me that's another 6hrs to log on site development. Oh yeah and this new Links page is new too. It's got some built in fields for humans or tentacles monsters to note good, bad and broken links ect. The concept there is also to notate those services provided at external websites... whether it be forum rp ect.

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