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FRStoryforge.COM History

by JAD posted 28-June-2014

F.antasy R.ole Story Forge is a site created by rpers for rpers. We originated out of yahoo chat rooms creating simple profile sites for our characters. A couple of us decided maybe we ought to make friends and pool our resources. Thus EAProfiles was born... our first incarnation. The EA of EAprofiles coming out of the Entertainment and Arts user rooms then on yahoo. We then got a bit bigger and wider by including forums/groups and other services for the rp community. With these origins for the longest time we didnt see ourselves as a place with a name. Mostly we still don't. The forums on our site are for rping if you want to use them for that... otherwise we're not upset if you use other forums and only the drow translator here. Our site is a place you can host your character profiles, build your world/group and attract your players into your game. So whether you rp in emails, forums, chat, live action ectera. Our site exists as a community effort to meet our individual and group needs. With that in mind we became "FantasyRole".

As we progressed the instinctual need to define place was hard to deny. Yahoo user groups closed down and the fertile fields of new players mostly dried up. Many of us grew and refined our groups and characters in the safe harbor of Fantasy Role. Our groups became little islands of activity. Back in the yahoo days the separation was not very defined. There we're no lines. There was a neutral territory / imaginary place between our private rooms. It is this fairly undefined place that was lacking in FantasyRole... so to define a sense of community identity... the member's hub group has been designated as the imaginary place known as "Farion". The story of "Farion" to be determined only by those members who chose to play there. Historical Records and other bits will be collected... and those groups on the site who get involved will surely be epic in their adventures. In this we hope to keep the spirit of the old yahoo user room days. The spirit of ayenne and it's justicars and the five hundred other billion attempts to contain the chaos. This means various groups may attempt to uhm... take over "FARION". All characters from anywhere and everywhere... any genre ectera are to be welcomed. Including begining players who havent yet learned how to type FFFFASSST or how to refine their actions into twelve paragraphs.

Meanwhile Groups are still considered soverign territory with their own mods and adminstrators. Site staff and mods will have the task of keeping Farion active and encouraging group cross-over rp. This new incarnation will be FRstoryforge. Where WYIWYO becomes of great importance. What is WYIWYO? It's an acronym for write yourself in write yourself out. In FRstoryforge your character will automatically write itself out when you fail to make a post, lose a connection ectera. Freeing the rest of the players to continue their gaming. This line of thought translates to old yahoo days of standard intro posts when a character entered a room. These types of posts are part of a players arsenal for any given character. They are forged and crafted to fit each individual character. Hence a room entry post is a WYI and a room exit post a WYO. Spells, Objects and other bits may include script posts. Of course when they do there will be the full text and a summary text. For example: "The tin man uses swings his axe "Quack Style"." Instead of "The tin man swings his axe "horizontally in an arc around him while quacking like a duck".

This has not been done yet but it's something we would like to do. There are actually alot of things we'd like to... so if you've got technical skills with asp php ectera raise your hand. That said let's make our history by our happy choices and healthy actions.

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