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 Member Alias Since Joined Group Contact EXP

  Nevae Wolfe 03-Nov-200813-Oct-2011 E-mail Nevae Wolfe Visit My Homepage   9,641
  Lord Dracula 26-Sep-200813-Nov-2008   465
  Rockgod 04-May-200821-Aug-2008   542
  Nevyn 13-Mar-200830-Aug-2008   2,429
  Illirdoril Torrillyn 18-Jan-200804-Aug-2008   631
  whitewolf 06-Nov-200702-Feb-2008 E-mail whitewolf MSN Alias:   634
  Lemon 06-Jan-200703-Mar-2008 E-mail Lemon Yahoo! Alias: MSN Alias:   5,417
  Cwilliams992 22-Dec-200603-May-2008 E-mail Cwilliams992 AOL Alias: Bcarter992   5,056
  fuge_spazz 05-July-200606-Apr-2013 E-mail fuge_spazz Yahoo! Alias: MSN Alias:   31,961
  Dart 12-Apr-200630-Nov-2017 Visit My Homepage   75,487
  Shadow and Light 27-July-200626-Sep-2010 E-mail Shadow and Light Yahoo! Alias: zeggiegirl   24,989

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