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Player Members

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 Member Alias Since Joined Group Contact EXP

  JAD 26-May-20041 day ago E-mail JAD Yahoo! Alias: jade_of_the_caverns MSN Alias:   59,657
  Katie 15-June-200420-Dec-2006 E-mail Katie Yahoo! Alias: sylvanrose7   1,823
  Cael 12-Nov-200311-Feb-2010 E-mail Cael Yahoo! Alias: tass004 AOL Alias: Jack2ulin   5,923
  CruelFairyTales 25-June-200424-Aug-2015 E-mail CruelFairyTales Yahoo! Alias: Bianca_Mayfair   10,616
  Jessica 15-June-200408-Nov-2004 E-mail Jessica Yahoo! Alias: Kiana_PrincessSlave MSN Alias: AOL Alias: JehikaSeductress   486
  Amanda 12-June-200428-Aug-2011 E-mail Amanda Yahoo! Alias: natrila_greyflame AOL Alias: virtualacidtrip1   20,912
  EyeoftheNyte 13-June-20041 day ago E-mail EyeoftheNyte Yahoo! Alias: eyeofthenyte MSN Alias: AOL Alias: eyeofthenyte Visit My Homepage   57,855
  Princess of Wit 14-June-200418-Dec-2007 E-mail Princess of Wit Yahoo! Alias: princess_of_wit   2,777
  The Silverlord 12-Nov-200317-Sep-2017   52,295

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