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Designing and Playing a Pirate
Written by CrownedInBlood   (Role-Playing, General)

    "Hello there! I am CrownedInBlood, the new guy on the block, and today I want to talk to you all about a topic near and dear to my black, salt-crusted heart: roleplaying a pirate! I've been playing pirates in various settings for a very long time (along with fantasy classes, and sci-fi characters, and even a few contemp..." Rating: 3

The dragons stables (a continuation of prelude)
Written by Baoneko   (Role-Playing, General)

    "Ok well edrik is interesting I'd like to meet this eldrik fellow and meet his dragon I wonder how nightwind is doing Odin: ah there you went I was wondering how your feeling Sire what can I expect in the tournament Odin: well very much brute strength from many a couple like eldrik will use somewhat unconventional ta..."

Super Powered Play
Written by Lord Reynard   (Role-Playing, Online)

    "I am starting a super power campaign, if you are interested let me know or join the group I'm building for it, you'll know it by its description I look forward to seeing you there :-) ..."

Travelling Through the rip
Written by Lord Reynard   (Role-Playing, Online)

    "The Rip has opened, the hands of fate move ever more quickly... The forces of chaos move between realms spreading ever further, The Guardians of the realms are stirring, the call has gone forth. Will you rise to defend life from the forces of chaos? Will you choose to take advantage of the chaos for greed? Or will you..."

Wahlinvale, The Serpent Sea and Surrounding Land [WIP]
Written by EyeoftheNyte   (Role-Playing, General)

    "The Serpent Sea, completely embraced by two arches of land that arch out into the ocean to isolate and lay claim to this section of water. The two arms, North and South Arm, are entirely mountainous and all but impassible creating a great natural barrier from the more harsh torrents the open ocean has to offer. The onl..."

Make 'em Real
Written by Brennon   (Role-Playing, Character)

    "When a player creates a character, they have the oppertunity to delve into their own imagination to create an individual that is both fun to play, and in many ways fantastic. A true hero, who on some level displays the best, or in the case of villians, worst side of ourselves. Whether a player creates a fighter, a wiza..." Rating: 5

The No List, D&D V 1.0
Written by ReincarnateSoul   (Role-Playing, General)

    "Every table top gamer, at some time or another, encounters a situation in which either they, or another player, decides to do something extraordinarily stupid. Something that is almost certain to get themselves killed, if not the entire party, usually in a truly horrific/humorous fashion. The kind of thing that makes y..." Rating: 3.5

What is a Archdrow
Written by lavender1982   (Other, Miscellaneous)

    "What is an Archdrow, well they are very rare subtype of Drow who are born with unusual abilities and they can be alot stronger and faster then a typical Drow, and once they have matured into their abilities, they are incredibly hard to kill. However, unfortunately because of the hursh childhood Drow face, many of them ..." Rating: 2.5

Guidelines for Running Drow Characters
Written by Parthenos   (Role-Playing, General)

    " (Note: These rules apply best to drow characters hailing from Lolthian societies. It may take some tweaking if your drow is from a community loyal to Vhaeraun or Kiaransalee. These guidelines are taken directly from Drow of the Underdark.) React to others based primarily on ..." Rating: 5

Thanks, Gary
Written by Seven Devil Clever   (Role-Playing, General)

    "First, let me apologize for the lateness of this. I won't bother making excuses, because there aren't any good enough. Some of the best times of my life were spent rolling dice. Role playing games gave me what everyone wants: friends that create moments, moments that the simplest things can remind us of. A word, a ..." Rating: 4

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