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Log journal of Jack Cloudborn
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Araxes I

added 06 September 2018 @ 19:59

Ellie and I decided to organize a new order of the old ones. During our efforts we setup a temporary base of operations on a abandoned mining colony ship called Arcturus. Soon however we were too busy travelling and abandoned it. I worked at a few stations under construction till I could afford a HDI Sundowner. Our travelling brought us both to Araxes and it seemed a good out of the way spot. Perfect as a sanctuary from mission activities. Ellie dissapeared awhile on her own business with the Sundowner... so I went back to chasing half naked amazons at KOP.

Returning to Araxes I came across a powerfull anomally in the form of a woman named Lily. It was a short encounter on a street. Merely a couple words passed in discussion. The presence of such an anomally was reason enough to stay on Araxes. Lodging at the Chapterhouse hotel in downtown came shortly thereafter.

I met Chani at KOP. A woodland nymph whom had been imprisoned in a tree for a good length of time. We spent alot of time together and had many adventures. During these I built a ship at the Russian Techlab for us to call home. Utilizing what I remembered technology wise I was able to build a rather obsolete Streaminer engine and powerplant system. Those bad kids of the federation would have no clue what it was... it predated warp technology by thousands of years. We needed enviroment suits to deal with the heat in Araxes' and for our new spaceships. We needed weapons to defend ourselves. The new order of the old ones needed this and that. There was not alot of money so I did cargo runs and some asteroid mining.

Ellie came and went a few times... then finally vanished entirely. Whatever her business had been.. her dealings must have got her in trouble. Happily the SNIPER I had met at KOP joined the crew. Missions and operations were progressing. Abandoning the hotel room' we obtained a orbital parking license.

One day Chani vanished. In the ship I had built for us the "Jachan" I searched a very very long time and had several adventures. Finally returning to Araxes and rebuilding the ship from scratch and calling it the "NEWLUCK".

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