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Log journal of Laode Marsh
Entry 1 of 1

Berth At Last

Written by CrownedInBlood, added 07 July 2017 @ 12:35

It has been long, and longer still, since I first took the helm of the Royal Rover, and led the crew into the chaotic waters beyond the edge of the world. This is the first chance that I have had to set my thoughts about all that has happened. Indeed, this is the first opportunity that I have ever had to set any of my thoughts to paper, as it was only in the course of the journey I have been on that I learned to read and write. If only my sainted mother could see me now; she'd be so proud. If she didn't spike my eyes for first turning my hand to piracy, that is.

I've seen, done, and experienced more since leaving the Isle than in all the years before, and much that no sane man would believe, were I to tell him of my adventures. But even though it feels like I've been at the wheel for a century or more, my faithful timepiece tells me that, relative to time as it flows in my own place, we left the Isle not even three fortnights past. Me head still spins, to think of all we've known, and in so short a time. And yet we lived through every day of the turning years betwixt today and the day before. 'Tis a mystery I cannot be bothered to sort through now.

And so, at long last, I have decided that it's time we made berth for a while. Lady Fortune has given us a grand series of gifts of late, but the men, happy as they are with the fruits of our labor, are weary. So am I, truth be told. It will be good to rest, to find a place of our own. Thanks to the powers granted me on the Isle, I can take this ship anywhere, literally anywhere; the whole of creation and me own imagination beside is mine to claim as I will. So today, I dreamed of a place that would suit us, and commanded Jameson to set course as my whim directed.

And now we are here. The shore party I sent off to explore the land haven't come back. I am not surprised, nor can I truly blame them; after all, given the path I set in me head, they'd have found the abandoned, well-stocked tavern right off, and have set themselves to the weighty task of drinking our new home dry before I've even set foot on the beach me own self. No matter; they're good boys, tough as nails and loyal to a fault. I'll not begrudge them their fun, or this small act of rebellion, so long as the damned fools leave some rum for their captain.

This is a good place. Quiet like, and just enough off the beaten path that we aren't likely to have too many visitors unless we call attention to ourselves. I just might, though. Been thinking since I had this idea that I wouldn't mind putting in the work to restore this place, and once I have fixed the place firmly in my mind, I can always come back to it. It would be good to go down to a half-crew for a while, and find some likeminded souls to help bring this new land to life. Or we could keep it a private haven. I haven't decided yet. But here, this is enough for now; time to step out and see what me heart's wrought for me to find here.

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