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Log journal of Yavanna
Entry 1 of 2


Written by Baoneko, added 03 January 2017 @ 23:41

Dear diary, today I was rescued by none other than my idol the crazy cait violet miyamamotto and some others a man named jack, and his crew in the lagmostre region the sprites I sent for help halted their vesel and a fight ensued with quite a heavy use of magic between me and violet and the other fae I never wanted to 1v1 vi but it came to that lukily vi is a bit more slilled in it than me and freed me from my cage and anchor and together we destroyed the bride of the frigrate that i was captive and enslaved to now aboard tge newluck tge ship the vi is tge mechanic for we will set off to asses tge damage done by the stagnated magic and if possible get it flowing again I owe my life to vi and i may never be able to pay her back even If I became her personal slave which knowing her will never happen tho I wonder how can she not be soo jaded after 3 years servitude which ultimately should have killed her, if she was doubble anchored i wonder where the other anchor was placed and she was in a similar cage to me because she definately knew its weakspots and sniped them from over 500 meters anyhow jack seems like some really old eldar meybe quarter human and 3 quarters high elf dunno jupy seems nice not so sure about mei tho she seems a bit short fused

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