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Log journal of Jack Cloudborn
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KOL Log #2

added 09 July 2016 @ 10:04

Not exactly what I should put in this log. After a time I took up a residence in Araxes. Though it almost came to pass that I got a house in the village near the castle. The medieval nature of the place did not really appeal. Folk tend to think that such times were more real somehow. Yet thats a sip of hogwash. As I spent time in the happy castle I began to get a sense of the people and various operations which seemed to be going on. There was a spatial rift connecting the castle to another place I was more acquainted with. Given many of my old contacts were finding me here I sent a message thru the rift. While some of the activities in the happy castle were indeed happy. Not all fit that bill. Some came from a place or rage or hatred and such was not something I wanted my old contacts to have to deal with. The rift needed to be closed so I sent my intell thru and was rewarded with a pod containing some good crafting plates ectera.

Not too long thereafter KOP closed and moved under KOL. Such was formerly the slave auction grounds which I had scouted before. I had no intention in migrating to such a place. I could sense and smell only women crying and being abused in a fashion not to bring them to health... yet purely out of some ill child's petty and cruel desires. Whether that child be slave or master. Such was not a place for one with senses like mine. I was also aware of the pleasure island of pinnochi trap in which to some degree KOP might have been set up for or at least used by Goreans to obtain both hunters and new slaves for their pens.

Being my own man then meant no longer going to this new incarnation. Regarding KOL I can bring this log to an end. There were a few anomalies I spent some time trying to come to some understanding with. One was a girl whom seemed to want to be kidnapped and another one of the months. In such matters it is not so much the people themselves that are the anomalies as the memory within they stir. The month spurred the memory of the great hunter's boasts common in a ancient times. While the kidnapped girl something of old promises.

Cheerily enough both strands were associated with a happy castle chronology of a time which began innocently enough yet moved to what the happy castle is today. It is indeed as much fun to read the books as to read the history of the walls across the cycles of time.

Much I read in those histories was painful to remember. Yet the innocent births make it all fairly laughable. The connection to the lone star seems to be one where there was a serious falling out of the old ones. Perhaps that is where the Ax originated. Lone star had to be abandoned and the new kids there left alone to stew in the awful things they had created. Those other things seems to be a big part of that other side of the castle.

Some like that month stayed on in Lone Star as teachers and guides... with all that means.

My time abroad seems to come into this. That old great tour. Such were very different times... though even then I was still searching the world for her then. There are other tasks to attend to now.

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