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Log journal of Jack Cloudborn
Entry 3 of 8   [ go to the beginning ]

KOL Log 001

added 19 October 2015 @ 12:12

In my wandering mostly I travelled from beach to beach. When I first arrived there was a mighty beach that I much loved. Somewhere over the years it was lost. I have tried many other beaches yet none seem to quite compare. Then I stumbled upon the Kingdom of Lost and what I call the Happy Castle. There are four poles in the main room and some decent chairs to read in. For a long time I seem to have got stuck there. This bondage castle with it's screams of pleasure and pain echoing the halls... was somehow cozy to me. Quite a few of my contacts seem to have been able to find me here and I've done much work in my book... clearing and decoding pages.

The rejuvenation that brought me youth did not quite deal with how an old man sees the world. For instance when you have been ancient you do not look at young women the same way. It is impossible. You have had children who have children who have had children their age.. many times over. I had grown far too old for such things. So in the happy castle I sat in my chair and let this wander away.

The many pages decoded with the arrival of many booked women helped greatly. It was a rejuvenation of the mind to meet old lovers for whom there was still some unresolved spark. Much of that healed my memory greatly. Especially my witch and eternally barefoot slave wife. We were almost able to rekindle our spark when a end of the world event came.. and there... upon the echo I discovered myself standing naked next to the girl I had met in KOP.

Since then I have not opened my magic book with its illustration and cryptic writings much. Focusing most on this anomally of a woman and my feelings for her.

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