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Log journal of Jack Cloudborn
Entry 2 of 8   [ go to the beginning ]

KOP Log Entry 002

added 19 October 2015 @ 11:56

The bots of these lands are interesting. They wander sometimes and other times work as greeters. They are some manner of robot and usually take the form of young women. In KOP we are required to wear a meter that counts our captures in the grounds. I picked up this meter from the neighboring kingdom of Lost and at first could not figure much out. Only years later did I play with it again. I did not know what bots were then and I caught a german one named Nadia. She had an artifical intelligence and replied some in german. Eos explained to me that nadia was just a bot and that I should release her. So I did.

Yet the night before is when I first put the meter on... I saw a woman wearing one near a long hall in the castle of lost. So I put mine on... it seems she too was german. I've never been fond of german women before. In any case as I looked upon her I desired her... and the thought of capturing her is what gave my hands the eagerness for the bow. It seemed she was afk the first time I fired my bow. Upon her return the first words out of my mouth was as if from another time. "FIRST ARROW/LAST ARROW" We played some in the castle for some time before heading to the training village in KOP. There after some effort I captured her again and dragged her to an empty house.

I was uncertain how these things were played... there was some mention of... being restricted to touching her belly button. Yet that didnt last. I simply declared that her entire body was a belly button. There was some deep sadness then that welled up in me... and visions in proximity to this young woman were filling my head.

The Story of GREAT HUNTER & WEAK PREY bubbled out of ancient wells. The sadness and the seeming desire by her for me to take her roughly was overwhelming. I hopped out of bed. I've never had to force a woman. The notion was bonkers... so I left.

Some days later I messaged her and visited her while she shopped in a mall for new hair styles. I should have not bothered with such as one... yet the visions ran so strong near her... that perhaps I could forgive and attempt to discover their source. After that we met and danced with arrows some time in the training grounds.

Then suddenly she vanished for almost four weeks. I began to deeply miss this strange and deeply troubling women. The circumstances of our encounters rolled thru my head and the story of hunter and prey swirled into many shapes.

With little else to do I hunted other prey for sport. In some I found traits of my collared girl... and this brought me great sadness thinking I may not see her again. My general plan was to grow stronger so that when and if she returned I could more quickly capture her. I challenged often the strong over-powered prey as they were closer to my collared prey's skills. I would honor the gift that I found in the hall.. match my prey's strength. After the many weeks I was growing exhausted and the capturing of prey and not using them for pleasure... seemed somehow unhealthy and wrong. So for a time I gave up... yet I could not bring myself to replace her with some other deep in my heart. I collared another girl who's skills were greater in the furs. Our love making was epic. Yet the thought of the girl and whatever pain might have placed in her a desire to be forced in the sheets bothered me still.

Then while talking to another favored prey... my collared prey appeared on the hill. My heart rushed with excitement. I left the prey I had been talking to with an apology and gathered my bow to make pursuit. I arrow jumped to stand by her side... speaking into the hidden comms we all seem to wear here. Another hunter wanted to chase her. I stood aside and then saw my name was no longer on her collar. I was furious. I spoke briefly to the other hunter. Then well my strong prey made short work of him and the chase was on. We made our way all over the island for a long time before I captured her.. and when I finally did I yelled at her a long time.

Much has happened since then... that there is little point in speaking of. I do not mention the prey's name here as well I am uncertain if to her I am just another hunter. What point is there for me in that. I am not the sort of man to stand in line. That which is not mine... is NOT MINE. I have still not told her the story of GREAT HUNTER and WEAK PREY. That I will do. Lately she has started kicking and biting when I capture her.

Such things quickly went from bad to worse. The details I will not share. There is much to be said in that the visions I seem to have are often much better then the reality of the moment.

When I think of that first vision... of the hunters lodge. Of the initiation into hunter society with the gift of the first arrow I am overwhelmed. In the present there is no hunters lodge no initiation and no lore or stories for a young hunter. There is a shack and some mention of gorean ways. Yet these are not what the visions speak to me. They speak of the story of the first arrow... how a young hunter is quested to seek a prey worthy of his first arrow. A prey whom he could spend all the arrows of his life upon. It is a love story with very dark and ominous clouds. In my vision I am such a young hunter and the prey are afraid of my first arrow. They run away. I see the face of the prey I have chosen and a time we spent in a cave. As always the visions are fleeting mere moments of what is as another time... another place and the emotions of therein.

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