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Log journal of Jack Cloudborn
Entry 1 of 8

KOP Log Entry 001

added 19 September 2015 @ 08:20

I have spent many months learning to hunt prey in the kingdom of pleasure. Being here has opened some manner of hole in my memory where I have discovered much. It feels as if I have been upon this island many times thru many incarnations and lifetimes. Some of these memories return to me in the act of doing the simplest things. Others in the interaction I have with other hunters and prey. There are many friends here whom I treasure deeply.

When I first came upon the island I came across a hunter by the name of Eos and in my memories this was one I had chosen as a friend before. So to him I offered friendship... and such seems to be well founded... as we have hunted and shared many stories with one another. He is a good friend.

From my memories I have discovered a prey that I call "The almighty hug". In my visions I knew her upon the island before there was ever a gor or spaceships in the sky. Yet once in these visions we hunters came by air ship and when it was time to leave... one of the other hunters jumped out of the ship to return to his prey. This hunter I would call Rashsplash... as jumping from the airship I have heard left a rash upon his flesh from the crash into the waves. I am not sure if he died then or mermaids nursed him back to health before returning him to the island. As usual few knew of such of these things as they do not alway retain memories when the great wheel returns.

Upon the island also is one whose name I am uncertain to speak of. This prey may be a island guardian and very wise and strong. I do not come to the island to become a great hunter but if I did she would be the prey to learn most of. She dances with her weapons on the ground and in the air like a being that is 1 part squirrell... 1 part fish and 1 part angry woman with a broom. I have yet to meet her master to see if I perhaps might remember him too.

There are other things I will perhaps write of later. Yet for now it i late and the sun falls into the ocean. I shall sleep upon the sands and not speak of Great Hunter and Weak Prey.

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