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Log journal of Aalnyar Korianthil
Entry 61 of 61   [ go to the beginning ]

The Search Begins

Written by Aalnyar, added 02 August 2015 @ 04:26

Entry in Timeline: FR1378

It has been a few weeks recovering in the abby for me though I am still unsure who I am I do my best to provide help here in place of gold which I have none. Cutting wood and various other tasks I gladly accept to try and build my strength back up, I am still feeling weak from the ordeal.

The priestess has been kind and tells me till my recovery I may stay there, after completing the things needed by the temple I go outside to see what I may find out about this place and who may know me. Walking for a good part of the day I come across a park that has many people in it.

So many different races here it’s almost too much to take in such a short time my head begins to spin and soon I see a large shadow tower over me! Through the sunlit a rather large demon like creature begins to lumber towards me eyes blazing causing me to step back to keep some distance between us.

An Angelic being calling herself Dawn steps in between us halting the demon in his tracks; that’s far enough! The demon stops looking down begins chuckling, or what? If I do not! Dawn’s voice takes on a menacing tone! Don’t push your luck or you may come to regret it!

Yes you will! Says another voice as Dawn is joined by another female dark and foreboding is her aura, blood red colored lips part showing white canines in a “just try it” grin. She leans into Dawn in manner similar to that of a lover, her stance also showing eagerness as though she wishes for the demon to make that choice.

The Demon seeing that he was now confronted by two dangerous being features give an almost shrug where his massive shoulders do not; as he turns away he chuckles saying “you two bitches better beware! I will not forget this interruption in my sport!

Both women began laughing in a musical tone as the demon lumbers off mocking him as he slowly makes his way across the square. The darker of the two females looks to me “hmm I wonder if this meat was worth the effort? You know I do not normally do that, but, you were involved and the only one that is allowed to touch you is me.

Dawn looking over nods her head, we will soon find out if this was worth the time or not! Looking between the two it’s like watching the light and darkness waiting expectantly for what will either be a acceptable answer or not; though my mind reels I try to answer in a manner that feels right.

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