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Log journal of Aalnyar Korianthil
Entry 60 of 61   [ go to the beginning ]

Memories of Shadow

Written by Aalnyar, added 02 August 2015 @ 04:20

Entry in Timeline: FR1378

I awake to the sound of prayers the blurry picture that was once my vision soon clears and I see an elder priestess above me pressing a herbed cloth to my unclothed form; I find no shame in letting her do what is needed so that the dull ache will soon vanish.

She soon stops her ministrations as I awake and offers me a gentle smile followed by a small bowl of soup. Herbs and broth course down my throat gently soothing my aching belly which remember more than I myself can recall, I feel like a rat is within my stomach trying to gnaw its way out.

My body soon settles with the finale bite, the bowl gently withdrawn followed by a gentle pat soon send my mind spinning into darkness the warmth from the broth soon travels throughout my body allowing me to sleep dreamless for a while.

I awake to the moon showing through my window, my eyes feel strange a burning sensation which soon makes tears roll down my cheeks. My vision clouding, I see as though I am in two places at once a lakeside camp the moon full and a sword pressed into the earth blade down.

Moving about the blade a figure catches my eyes dancing and praising someone ones name now and then the figure cuts herself with the blade as she dances calling out in a tongue both familiar and strange at the same time.

I see a figure made from shadows and moonlight joining the dancer mirroring her moves both moving in unison, the first figure calling out soon finishes her dancing prayer the sword blazes with azure moonlight the breeze cutting across the blade as though the sword itself were trying to join the two figures in song.

The second figure comes before me as I stand entranced and speaks both you and Kira will be watched by me and need to keep a strong heart for the coming trials. My heart warms at her words and as I look to the first dancer his heart aching with a bitter sweet memory. The second Dancer chuckles soon leaves us in a flash of moonlight and Ebon.

Kira her form as dark as the others, hair of silver flame in the moonlight; crimson shows from her many cuts flowing like scarlet across a night sky. I soon watch myself as though not within my own body gathering cloths to dip in the cool waters near the camp bathing her wounds with herbs and soon a deep appreciation of her burst within my heart.

Time stops for both of us as we cant stop staring into each others eyes both afraid and longing for what is there. I soon wrap my cloak about her shoulders and we walk into the shadows of the moon light glade. I awake with a start the vision slowly subsiding, waning till I can scarce remember though the pressure of the feelings let me know that this person was of great importance to me the one I call Kira.

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