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Log journal of Aalnyar Korianthil
Entry 59 of 61   [ go to the beginning ]

Plane Hopping - The Arrival

Written by Aalnyar, added 02 August 2015 @ 04:16

Entry in Timeline: FR1378

Pain! I am hurt but why? The sensation feels almost alien yet close as though I have been feeling this for as long as I have known life. Darkness! Explosion of it is almost a comfort as though someone were giving me a reprieve.

I am unsure of why these things are happening let alone who or what I am, a being without form yet forced into a shape of not my choosing. Falling I can actually see the darkness fly by as though jumping form a high place.

I go through these feelings and sensations over and over again till I am brought to my sense roughly with the impact of water, the water closes above me and the darkness is broken with the site of the moon; it makes me realize that I am falling into darkness once more.

My lungs burning I claw my way to the surface my head soon breaks to the surface with the sweet taste of air rushing into my being. Coughing harshly I see by the moonlight ships at anchor with a stretch of pier nearby pulling myself slowly with a rope hanging from the deck of a ship I make my way and lay their panting.

My mind a jagged picture too many images flashing by I do not recognize many of them like watching a picture book of a child thats been jumbled and tossed about. Darkness begins to cover me as I look up to see a sailor looking down at me talking to me slowly, I cant really understand whats being said though it seems he wished to help me.

The trip to the place he takes me seems long though my senses seem off with moments of darkness and light I soon find myself in the temple of some local deity though I am unsure who it is I leave myself to them and fall once more into darkness.

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