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Log journal of Sorina MonCreife
Entry 1 of 1

Riding through Farion Forest

Written by Azuka, added 01 July 2015 @ 04:39

A daily ride is good for the soul. I've only ridden in a limited area of the forest, my respect for Farion is great, for if the stories I've heard told are true, venturing too far afield could be hazardous to one's health.

My horse, a sturdy old fellow, kept to a steady pace. It was always quiet in the forest, and though perhaps it should have been unnerving, I found the quiet solitude welcoming. I often wonder how life would have been, should have been. A complete waste of my time of course, but so many questions were left unanswered and my inquiries tend to leave me with only more questions.

Sighing, I stop my horse and dismount, leading him a short a distance to the nearby brook, a typical ritual. He drinks his fill as I cast my gaze over the surrounding trees. A heavy mist drifts between the trees, ghostly in composition and movement, like something alive and yet...not.

A movement swirling the mist heavily to my west catches my attention but the longer I focus on the spot, the more I think it's simply a trick of the light and the denseness of the mist. Still, I move closer to my horse. I've lingered too long here and should be on my way. A branch nearby snaps and my horse jumps and side-steps, startled. I soothe him but cast my eyes in that direction, searching for the cause.

I call out, "Is anyone there?" but my only answer is silence.

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