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Log journal of T.J. Johnson aka Strike
Entry 3 of 3   [ go to the beginning ]

Pursuit and Escape Pt. 2 of 3

Written by Lord Reynard, added 11 November 2013 @ 00:57

Entry in Timeline: 0023, 10, 14

As Strike slipped cautiously up the street, taking on the mannerisms of an old man to avoid suspicion, he to stock of the situation. There were five more he could identify immediately, two at the gate, two at the stable and one standing in the square passing out fliers. There were bound to be more somewhere but for now he had the upper hand. Suddenly the young woman from the bar appeared at his side startling him slightly.
"Grandfather! There you are, you forgot your cane again, have you had lunch?" She said handing him a cane and guiding him slowly to a nearby cafe. Once they were inside she guided him slowly to a back room with a nod to the owner, she closed the door behind her and a small fluorescent light clicked on. He dropped his disguise and slid his packs to the floor.
"How?" Strike asked after a moment.
"Let's just say you aren't the only one with gifts. "She said smiling, "And you didn't have a cane, dead give away." She added with a wink.
"Yeah didn't take the time...why are you helping me?" He asked ready for anything.
"One, you saved my life, Two, you need my help, and three, I want out of this place." She said in a rush.
"I can respect that, but its going to be hard enough to get me out let alone both of us." He said gently, he crossed his arms and started pacing.
"I have a plan, if you agree." She said slyly, the coy girl from the other night completely vanishing.
"And if I say no?" He asked stopping.
"I turn you in, and don't think about zapping me the boss man out there has been asked to keeps an eye on me and he'll do the same should anything happen to me." She said leaning on the wall.
"I see you put some thought into this, not really nice to threaten a man who saved your life." He said with a slight grimace.
"I know but you would've never taken me if I didn't, and if I don't go you don't get out unscathed." She said looking down in obvious shame.
Alright, guess I have no options... Let's get moving I want to be ten leagues away before they know I'm gone." He said his confusion apparent.
"Ok, plan's simple...."

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