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Log journal of Barra Sadei
Entry 5 of 5   [ go to the beginning ]

Interrogations and Misunderstandings

Written by Lord Reynard, added 21 October 2013 @ 10:57

Entry in Timeline: 2013, 10, 07

As the group reached the fortress Barra was so busy looking at the structure itself he failed to notice the hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at the two with open fear.
His first clue that there may be trouble was a sharp jab from the strange woman's elbow and her furtive glances at the gathering crowd. Suddenly the warriors closed in around the two prisoners shielding them from the crowds sudden irritation.
"Why are they so afraid?" Barra asked dodging a rock thrown from somewhere within the anxiously squealing crowd.
"I don't know, I wish we weren't wearing theses chains." She growled rattling her manacles in frustration.
"I wish I still had one of those stones, then at least I could understand-" he started before she cut him off.
"Why? So you will know how they plan to cook us! I swear..." She yelled then shook her head with a sigh.
"No I was thinking along the lines of figuring out why we frighten them..." He said confused,"and why would they want to eat us?"
"Listen, I don't know what backwards part of the desert you come from but these are Orcs, Orcs are little more than savage beasts, they will eat each other let alone us! By all the gods have you never seen an Orc before!" She shrieked her face turning red.
"Nope can't say I have..." He said scratching his chin and looking more closely at the spectators.
'This may be more trouble than I thought my friend, be READY.' He sent his thoughts to Stormborn as he tried to read the body language of those around him.
"All I see from these people is fear, are you sure they are what you are thinking they are?" He asked looking down at the woman beside him.
"Of Course I'm Sure!" She growled.
He looked up in time to watch the sun vanish as they passed under the archway and into the depths of the keep.
After twenty minutes of walking through identical corridors and past several checkpoints the guards stopped them in an intersection. Out of the dimly lit corridor in front of them four well dressed people appeared and addressed the leader of their guards, after a short exchange the man handed over the stones they'd used earlier and quickly lead the two in different directions.
The two lead Barra and those guarding him to a room a short distance down the corridor. One of the new comers removed a ring of keys from their belt, unlocked the door and gestured for him to enter. As he passed the group the one who had unlocked the door pressed one of the stones into his hands.
"If you would kindly take a seat my partner and I will be with you momentarily." The female voice caught him off guard and the toothy grin didn't help. Not allowing his discomfort to show he stepped into the room. White light flared above his head with a hiss unlike anything he'd ever heard. Forgetting his instructions his curiosity drew his attention upward and away from the polished metal table and chairs. Directly above the table a cone shaped metal hood shielded a bubble of glass with a metal pipe coming from it. Inside the globe a white flame burned lighting the room brightly.
The door opened and the two entered quickly closing the door behind them.
"Please have a seat, we have some questions for you." She said sweetly, in this light he could tell that she was indeed female, her partner glared at Barra as he took a seat across from the woman."first let's start with something simple, I'm Detective Zirra of the Orkai police force, this is my partner Detective Stran, what shall we call you?" She asked with a quill and parchment ready to write out his response.
'What have I gotten myself into?' Barra thought as he prepared to answer their questions, 'this is going to be a long day...'

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