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Log journal of Lady Nyra Shadowwalker
Entry 2 of 2   [ go to the beginning ]

Strange Tactics Make Strange Bedfellows

Written by Lord Reynard, added 14 October 2013 @ 17:49

Entry in Timeline: 2013, 10, 06

Nyra and her Warders, Rose and Prim of the desert, along with Samuel and Bael of the Highlands, Sat atop the Shear watching as the ring made its first ascent of the night. The Shear was the name of a series of cliffs that separates Fellara into three massive steps, the highest step was east of them and was known simply as the Fellaran Highlands, a rugged country where only the hearty could survive, it stretched east into mountainous country where it looped down to the eastern sea; the next was the place they stood and reached to the mountains in the north and to the sea in the west, to the south was The Desert of Fellar, an arrowhead shaped region surrounded by cliffs to the North and ocean to the east and west. Even the ocean did not provide any relief from the isolation of the place, the coastline was known adequately as the dragons talons, large pillars of jagged stone jutted out for miles from the coastline making it "impossible" to cross. The lip of the Shear felt crowded for the first time in her life, though she had been here many times before. As she looked down the ledge she saw clusters of Acolytes and their Warders as far as her eyes could see, each wearing a particular style, each warder bearing some sign of their Acolyte. Every Acolyte she saw and every one she didn't were beholden to her today, three days earlier when she had first seen the disturbance she had also been promoted, into a Guardian of Acolytes, technically making her warders into full fledged Acolytes of the Alpha class themselves, each able to take on warders of their own should they choose. They had been together for so long she didn't know what she would do without them, though they may simply choose to stay with her she couldn't be sure. Shaking her head she returned to the task at hand, getting all these men and women down in one piece.
"Acolyte, are you ok?" Rose asked her expression blank, as it always was around strangers.
"Yes just assessing the situation, we have options?" She asked with barely any rise in her voice.
"You must add psychic to your resume Acolyte, we do indeed have options, my warders have come up with an interesting invention, he calls them feathers says they are like clouds of cloth they hold you up when you fall, I can vouch for their effectiveness...if you'd like I could start handing them out..." An Acolyte she hadn't noticed said in an overly sweet way.
"No, I think we should filter down slowly using our own methods, nothing untested, we use cables and harnesses, others have claws and rope, others seek the hidden roads to the desert floor, tell the others my words Rose, Prim. As for you Acolyte you are dismissed." She said without looking up.

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