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Log journal of Lady Nyra Shadowwalker
Entry 1 of 2

Called to Duty

Written by Lord Reynard, added 14 October 2013 @ 15:27

Entry in Timeline: 2010, 10, 03

"I am proud to announce, Seeking an audience with the ancients, Acolyte of the Alpha Class and Heir to the titles and lands of the Shadow Walk, Lady Nyra Shadowwalker!" The Herald announced as she stepped through the archway and into the huge round chamber that housed the wisest elders the Fellaran Guardianship had to offer.
When she reached the center of the room she stopped, saluted her elders with the customary fist laid across her heart and bowed deeply awaiting their response.
"Welcome honored Acolyte, Remove your helm and allow us to see your face." The Speaker said from his place in the center of the raised bench the elders sat upon.
She rose and removed her visor, undoing the knots that held it in place took only an instant, revealing her well shaped face. Her lips were smooth and naturally pink tilted up in a half smile dimples barely showed under her high cheekbones, her brilliant golden eyes ringed in dark mascara would have stunned any man at court. At the corners of her eyes she bore tattoos given to her by the desert tribes years before. The symmetrical markings were much like that of a desertcat, straight lines traced from the corner of her eyes nearly to her ear, above them ran a set of three small dots running parallel to the base line. To the people of the desert it was a sign that not only was she a member of their tribe but also a guardian of the desert and a warrior of great standing. Her long blond hair, streaked with red, was braided close to her scalp and then wrapped into a tight bun at the nape of her neck. Other than one lock of hair that Hung down over her eyes her hair was perfectly arranged in the warriors style.
"It is good to see you most honored Acolyte, if only it were under better circumstances." The speaker said his face grim.
"Whatever has happened my warders and I will be pleased to solve it. Anything for the elders..."
She said bowing once more.
"We are aware of your loyalty and patriotism, this is why we have called upon you. There is a great disturbance to the south, the desert lands have been threatened. We need you to go there and discover the extent of the disturbance." He continued.
"What kind of disturbance?" She asked wondering what could possibly threaten the savage desert. Just then a man came rushing into the hall from behind the ancients, he whispered something to the speaker then disappeared.
"Come young Acolyte and you will see." He said gesturing for her to come to his side, a highly unusual request but one she would respect.
With a single step and a jump she cleared the lip of the raised stone platform, an easy 10 feet out and six feet up.
"Yes, very good, expediency is best but it is traditional to use the stairway." An elderly woman said from her right, directly in front of the hidden stair.
"There is no time to discuss it, come child." An old man she hadn't seen took her arm and lead her out to a balcony that faced south.
From here, high within the citadel nestled deep in the Fellaran Vale, the whole of Fellara rolled out before her. The sight was awe inspiring as the sun began to set and the ring began to rise for its first cycle then the elders pointed to the desert where a pillar of pale light and dust became visible in the desert many miles away.
"What in the name of the Mother is that?!" she exclaimed stepping closer to the edge.
"We were hoping you, your warders, and the other teams would answer that." The speaker said softly.
"Aye....wait what other teams?" She asked looking sharply at the old man.

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