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Log journal of Barra Sadei
Entry 4 of 5   [ go to the beginning ]

Smart Orcs, Capture, and Disbelief...

Written by Lord Reynard, added 07 October 2013 @ 11:47

Entry in Timeline: 2013, 10, 06

Barra stared and stared unable to comprehend the sea of green before him, let alone the behemoth that hovered in the sky. The moments passed into minutes as his mouth went dry, then suddenly the tingle of danger passed along his link with Stormborn.
'Hide my friend, hide and wait.' His thoughts raced to her and he knew she would be safe.
He gently climbed down the trunk of the tree, the size of which he had never seen, as he neared the bottom he stopped to look for the source of the danger. There was no sign of the strange woman or her mount, and still no sign of the threat other than the sudden oppressive silence. Nothing moved even the wind seemed to be holding its breath.
Then came a crash from behind him, he dove from the limb to avoid the attack from above, tumbling twice he rolled to his feet and ran directly toward the nearest tree his attacker hot on his heels and snarling. As he reached the base of the tree his momentum carried him up and a well timed jump threw him into a backflip. In midair he got his first look at the beast that pursued him, it was only a foot from his face making it easily nine feet tall, its skin was green and scaled but otherwise it looked like the apes he'd seen in books. The beast slammed into the tree as he landed behind it. Taking a gamble he found the monster's blind spot and stayed in it as the thing turned searching for him. For a short time it worked but the scaley ape was smarter than he thought. Catching a whiff of Barra the ape spun on him, clipping him with its fist and sending him flying into the brush. Tumbling back to his feet he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, the ape once again on his heels. Just as it was about to catch up with Barra he dropped allowing the ape to run right past. As the beast turned on him, barely 50 yards between them the strange woman appeared out of nowhere landing on the apes back and burying her blade deep into its shoulder. The thing shrieked in pain and rage, reached over its shoulder, grabbed the woman and threw her into Barra's arms knocking him to the ground with her on top of him. With an indignant snort the beast turned and wandered into the woods to lick It's wounds.
Before they could get over their shock the real trouble was on them, green men with tusks and well made halberds appeared out of the woods, 30 strong easily.
"Reeaccc' shea, murkaaa shueaaa shren!" One of the strange men squealed. Then two set polished black stone orbs against Barra and the woman's throats.
"Do you understand me strangers?" The same man spoke again though his lips didn't match the words.

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