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Log journal of Barra Sadei
Entry 3 of 5   [ go to the beginning ]

New Faces, New Places...

Written by Lord Reynard, added 06 October 2013 @ 09:46

Entry in Timeline: 2013, 10, 05

Her words were familiar but strange, the emphasis and structure were strange but the words were definitely of Elven origin. The rage on her face was apparent even through the visor that concealed her eyes. He understood the words "reason" "shouldn't" "kill you" and "where", with her saber pointed at his throat her meaning was quite clear.
"Because she wouldn't like that very much." Barra said pointing at Stormborn as she snarled from behind him. As the strange woman noticed Stormborn for the first time she took her eyes off of Barra just long enough for him to lift her blade with his knee and roll backwards under Stormborn and out of her range. It was only then, with Stormborn keeping the woman occupied, that he really had a chance to look around, and what he saw amazed and stunned him.
All around him there was life, trees, bushes, even moss, a million and one things he had never seen the like of, and never dreamed that he would. The noise was unbelievable here, wherever here was. His tribesmen had told him of these things in old stories, plants and animals that couldn't live in the desert lands.
"Where in the name of all the gods are we?" He asked no one in particular resting his hand on Stormborn's side.
"You speak the desert tongue?" The woman asked, apparently enhancing her calm she sheathed her saber back on her hip. She clucked softly and the reptilian mount of hers appeared out of the brush next to her and nuzzled her gently with its nose.
"I call it common but yes I speak a tongue of the desert, do you have any clue how this happened? Or where we are for that matter?" Barra asked gesturing around at the green.
"The Rip caused this, and no I don't know where we are... Can't even tell where north is until I can see the sky.." she said trailing off as she wandered around looking for a clearing.
Before she knew it he was gone, heading up into the trees to get a better look, bounding from place to place he made his way up into the canopy.
What he saw there stunned him even more than the enormous trees had, in the blue sunlit sky hovered an object larger than anything he had ever seen, round and red it was easily a hundred times larger than Corganno, the largest moon of the three he had grown up seeing. The moments turned into minutes as he stared at the sky in awe.

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