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Log journal of Barra Sadei
Entry 2 of 5   [ go to the beginning ]

Escape from Insects

Written by Lord Reynard, added 05 October 2013 @ 09:13

Entry in Timeline: 2013, 10, 04

As they turned back towards the oasis where the rest of the tribe was camped, a Scarab appeared before him with a plume of dust and broken hard packed earth. With a last second sideways hop Stormborn cleared the Insects pincers and carried them out of range.
'Something is very wrong here...they've never been this strong, fast or smart...what's going on?' Barra thought leaning low across Stormborn and urging her to pick up the pace.
Suddenly there were three more of the new Scarabs standing before them, shards of earth bounced off of his armor as the three launched there attack, Stormborn's reflexes saved them again but pushed them once again off course and away from the oasis.
"VITH!" Barra swore as they were again and again pushed back and away, "They're herding us Storm, before long they'll have us..." He said as fear gripped him.
He guided her to the left as the beasts popped up a few yards away along their original path.
'Sometimes the only way out of a trap is to go directly into its maw.' His fathers words came back to him as he found them headed directly into the twister. Only then did he realise they weren't attacking the column of wind and dust, they were pouring out of its base to the east and west.
As they closed on the twister the bugs circled around behind them sealing off their retreat.
"Nae i' Sakkat!" A woman shouted from beyond the wall of dust stunning Barra and Stormborn.
Even as they tried to stop the woman and her mount, a large Bi-pedal lizard, appeared through the dust directly in front of them, Their momentum carried them into the woman and her mount in a tangle of limbs, scales, fur, and swears the four tumbled back into the twister. As soon as they crossed the storm wall everything went white, Barra was surrounded in blinding dust and the voices of strangers then there was a huge pressure all around him then everything seemed to stretch. The next thing he knew he was picking himself up off of wet ground, the light was dim and the air smelled strange.
"Yewl amin enna thar sanrr amin n' ndengin llie manke llie naa!" The woman shouted, her blades pointed at his throat.

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