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Help & FAQ

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The site is divided into various areas: Play, Tools and Groups. While some things may be hidden in options.


Play focuses on areas of the site where players can start gaming. Chat and forum environments allow players to interact and write a freely flowing storyline, either in real-time (chat), or in(forums) where responses may vary from hours to months.

It mainly works by posting, say, a paragraph or two of a storyline and then you wait for another player/member to respond and build upon the overall story. Players can explore and create their own fictional characters to use in these interactive threads. It's turn-based free-form role-playing or play by post. Groups have authority to create their own guidelines or rules for this interaction... so look around for these before posting.

Of course, you can also just post a story or poem outright into the Poetry & Short Stories section without interacting with anyone, and seek feedback on your work(s).


The Tools section provides articles and tools to facilitate role-playing, or support the workings of storytelling. For example, you can generate character names, do some elven/drow translations, or read/contribute some articles for newcomers.


After joining the site you may choose to house your Group here. You can seek to join others, keep your group isolated, or even perform multiple cross-over storylines with others and play in different settings and environments.

Groups are autonomous on FRstoryforge. This means they are capable and responsible for determining their own rules and codes of conduct. No group on the site is considered to be connected to any other group without consent. Which is to say all groups on the site are as independent websites hosted here. We have some of the best group tools and services on the internet. Including group: chatrooms, forums, databases, galleries, files, maps ect.

When you join the site you automatically join the Members Hub where we use our own services to provide a starting point for new players. By exploring the Hub you can see many of those group services at work.

In 2014 the Member's Hub has begun revealing "Farion" a universe defined by active and current players within it. Players are asked to write journals about their experiences in Farion which generate new forum topics, chatrooms and manipulates a Farion Map. Groups can create links to themselves within this structure. The overall goal is to provide enhanced roleplay and ensure new players have thier own ground to stand on... which belongs to them. If only for the length of time they are standing on it. For anything of lasting permanence creating a group of their own is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use established characters?

We do not allow copying (or usage for storytelling or role-playing purposes) of another player's characters without their express permission.

However, throughout the years, we have allowed players to create likenesses based on major novel, TV, game, anime and film/movie characters. These are Non-Player Characters (NPCs), if you like, that belong to an established setting or campaign (for example: Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons).

The origin of this site was in Yahoo! chat which advocated free-form role-playing; essentially, have fun and role-play in (generally!) good taste.

If you use a character from a setting, please post something in your character profile to that effect, giving credit where its due.

I want to post artwork for my character. Can I do this?

Our upload forms will let you do this. However, let's be clear: if you are using someone else's artwork please be respectful and seek the artist's permission to use their art and imagery.

Many artists provide guidelines for using their images and may let you use their artwork if you can put some copyright text over the image, or link to their website from your character profile. We recommend always giving full credit to the artist in your profile.

You can also commision artwork for your character here Or add a folder of your artwork in a gallery

Who moderates the site?

A listing of the current mods can be found at the top of the page in the Members Hub. Feel free to site pm & email specific mods or post on the General Forum if you need anything.

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