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Pillar Hall of Heroes and Villains

The immortalised characters of members whom have contributed majestically to [LVL 30+]

Special Feature
Pyrial Concord
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Vampire Lord 
Member: EyeoftheNyte

Added: 29 May 2016
Picture Caterina Delven
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Human Sorceress 
Member: Jenassa

Added: 18 November 2009
Orleon Templeton
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Human Sorcerer 
Member: Valdus

Added: 24 April 2009
Calobero Giovanni
Alignment: Good
Race/Class: Italian American The Don 
Member: King Street Don

Added: 15 October 2008
Picture Talindra Silverhart
Alignment: Good
Race/Class: Elven Mage 
Member: Azuka

Added: 17 September 2008
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Half Elven Fighter/soccerer 
Member: fuge_spazz

Added: 07 November 2007
Picture Lenai
Alignment: Good
Race/Class: Dragon Tamer 
Member: Shadow and Light

Added: 01 October 2007
Picture Imrae H'a
Alignment: Evil
Race/Class: Drow Merchant/Fighter 
Member: Amanda

Added: 12 May 2007
Isaac Torain
Alignment: Good
Race/Class: Human Mage Knight 
Member: Dart

Added: 25 April 2007
Sabastian Micheal Darian
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Human Cyborg 
Member: BloodFang Ariakas DarkNyte

Added: 26 March 2007
Picture Raven
Alignment: Good
Race/Class: Human Lady 
Member: Trina

Added: 13 December 2006
Picture Alanon Raine
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Human Mage 
Member: Alanon

Added: 07 September 2006
Picture The Blue Baron
Alignment: Good
Race/Class: Human Fighter Pilot 
Member: The Blue Baron

Added: 17 August 2006
Picture Saemon Deluvian
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Human Pirate, Acrobat, Duelist, Liar, Drunk 
Member: AudaciousDuck

Added: 01 August 2006
Picture Ciliniel Intendiere
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Elvish Enchanter / Warrior Student 
Member: Ciliniel_Intendiere

Added: 01 August 2006
Picture Mith Kal'daka D' Quellar ischarri
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Drow Not defined 
Member: Grey_wulfe

Added: 28 July 2006
Picture Dr. Lathander Turin
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Genetic Human (Nocturne) Divinity 
Member: Turin

Added: 24 May 2006
Picture Tobias Woulfe
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Eternal Woulfe 
Member: Tobias Woulfe

Added: 23 April 2006
Picture Jupiter Granite
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Human-Unknown / Fantyn Mercenary 
Member: Jupiter Jade Thor

Added: 05 April 2006
Picture Xim\'XinZaal Xorlarrin
Alignment: Evil
Race/Class: Drow Fighter 
Member: The Silverlord

Added: 28 March 2006
Picture Jade Darvison
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Playing Uncle to the Realms 
Member: JAD

Added: 28 March 2006
Picture Barrak
Alignment: Neutral
Race/Class: Half-Dragon Warrior/Psion 
Member: Barrak_Draconis

Added: 28 March 2006
Picture Aliesh
Alignment: Evil
Race/Class: Appears human Tavern Owner 
Member: Sirene LaShaw

Added: 27 March 2006

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