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Period Event Description
408 The future Queen, Marie Renée Lourdes, is born.
432 The Queen bears her second child, Nahstazia.
430 Queen Lourdes ascends the throne.
428 Velours Dilysnia is born.
456 Queen Lourdes marries Velours Dilysnia
460 Nahstazia and Velours are born their second child
458 Nahstazia and Velours are born their first child
456 - 458 House Dilysnia is Built and Furnished
481 - 482 Velours Dilysnia's wife, Nahstazia, dies
479 Queen Lourdes dies at the venerable age of 71
729 - 731 Harvold travels to the Spice Islands to manage his father's ailing sugar plantation.
705 Harvold Walter Dilysnia is born to Verore and Antionette.
745 Lord Harvold becomes the subject of rumour
731 Harvold Dilysnia becomes Lord of the House when his father dies.
748 Lord Dilysnia's wife and child die during childbirth.
745.7 Lord Harvold Dilysnia settles down
745.2 Trade Disagreements emerge between the house and City merchants.
753 Lord Harvold Dilysnia vanishes without a trace
748.2 Harvold sends a letter to Carlotta Du'Pree of his intent to bring her to House Dilysnia.
754.4 Harvold found Dead
753.5 News of Harvold
682 Verore Dilysnia is born.
701 Verore Dilysnia marries his love, Antionette.
754.8 Bianca De'Amionette pregnant with the child of Donovan
754.9 Deston Disant offered position as Lord of House Dilysnia
Tidus survives assassination attempt
754.11 The Great Fire occurred at Château Laurelwreathe.

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