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Here on FRstoryforge there is a variety of reasons why you might want to acquire some artwork or get some work done. "FLYING MONKEYS" Here are ten great examples.

1. Profile Pictures
Whether you are using a real life photo of yourself or another image. Having one of these created for you is often not expensive. It's a fun and exciting way to change things up. Artists on the site can toss images you provide into photoshop and perform some magic with them... or create a custom image just for you. There are alot of artists who really enjoy doing this kind of work and will even do it in trade for something you can do.

2. Editing
Whether you are slugging away at the text of a transcript or attempting to polish your profiles or compositions... it's handy to call an editor. Other writers on the site can help you! Commission them!

3. Character/Scene Images
These are separate from profile pictures because well... you love your characters! Often we all love our characters so much we actually learn to draw and paint just so we can see what they look like. It's fun to celebrate important events in our characters lives by commissioning artwork of them. Artists who do this kind of commissioned work trade these images back and forth all the time! You can too!

4. Character objects
So your character got the infamous battle axe... and well this is text based rp. There is no picture of it. Well technically you can commission some writing on it... or commission an illustration of it.

5. Real Life Objects & Costumes
Seriously! Cosplay is one of the most amazing things known to all existence. It is possible to commission costume makers and even blacksmiths to make your characters gear, equipment, clothing and full costumes. These folk even have online stores where you can buy stuff already made.

6. Group Merchandise
If your group plans to have a meetup, do comic conventons or other events. It's handy to make up buttons, flyers, t-shirts and all manner of other merchandise.

7. Your Book
So you are writing a book/ illustrating a story ectera based on your character/groups. You don't have to write or draw alone. Start a relationship by trading text to edit. Ectera.

8. Troubleshooting
When you're stuck it's often helpful to consult with troubleshooters. These folk have specialized in their efforts to solve problems you may be having. The difference between troubleshooting and research is that it often requires pioneering a solution from scratch based on your circumstances. The internet or library might not have a solution for you.

9. Research
In writing and historical fiction it's often convenient to commission someone who's good at this sort of thing to gather information from google and other sites ect regarding what you need. Researchers often know where to look and have scoured the internet more deeply then you have. Spend five minutes asking a researcher rather then waiting for a reply in forums, email or spending far too many hours searching the internet. A researcher may have already found what you are looking for.

10. Marketing (Travelling Gypsies)
Your group on the site might need help finding more members, or the kind of what not market folk know how to do. Such as contact distributors, agents, get your stuff in stores ect. Tapping your local travelling gypsy can get word out and your ball rolling.

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