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Commissions Policy

09/07/2014 Temporary Policy
(These rules and guidelines are currently in effect and may change based on feedback.)

Anyone may use frstoryforge to conduct art trades/commissons/sales as long as such is conducted in tandem with roleplaying activity.

Artists using the site are required to:

1) Create & maintain an artist character with which to conduct interaction. This may be used in Art Workforce at their discretion.

2) They utilize services such as paypal ectera to perform transactions. Standards/Tutorials ectera for pay by mail are not yet available and thus not suggested. Anyone whom is having trouble creating a paypal ect. account may contact the staff moderator responsible for this area of the site.

3) Is encouraged to post a journal/log entry on completion of artwork involved in a transaction. This will be used to manually calculate your rating in Art Workforce.

4) To not communicate or give out any real life information regarding their social security numbers or anything else which predators/thieves might utilize to harm them or others. The only information you should be transferring is the email address associated with your paypal or other third party account.

5) To note copyright and "ACCEPTABLE USE" information on any of their work they might post in forums ect. Which is to say if another site member uses one of your images ect. without your permission it will be taken down.

6) At some point you may be required to complete tests and interviews in chat ect. This is because we want to interview you... your artist character. Any resemblance to real life is at your discretion. Some interviews and all tests may be used to assure knowledge and capability in your field... and these will likely be done in character. Such interviews and tests may not be used to exclude you... only to mark and change information in Art Workforce.

Derivative Works/Fan Art:
Those works inspired by classical/pop culture/mainstream/ or sub-culture media. Such as your favorite movie ect. Here at FRstoryforge there is a a wolf by the George Sunshine who eats fan art. BEWARE if you create or display fan art... you may attract George Sunshine. That is all.

There are no rules or guidelines regarding derivative works from media outside the site. Media on the site should not be copied, modified, utilized, plagiarized ectera without consent from the original creator. Any works done without consent of the original creator on the site will be eaten by George.

Percentage/Dues Ectera
FRstoryforge requests no official percentage at this time. An un-official donation or passing of funds for specific site goals/needs is "SPLENDID". No dues or memberships fees will be requested without permission of current and future artists on the site. Thus not at all. As how do you get permission of future site members when they don't yet exist.

Groups may charge monthly membership dues/fees for services/percentage on sales ectera as moderated by the group. They are not allowed to do this unless there is an unlimited trade/commission entry method to join such a group. Which is to say that unless someone whom has no money "can wash dishes" you can't do it in your group. Secondly groups are not allowed to limit the number of individuals they will allow to join their group thru this method.

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