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Rules ectera

Chatrooms and roleplaying have a history not well known or told.
The internet is calling it Play by Post. Those of us who grew up in it usually just call it rp or roleplaying. If you have a link to any other history articles please share them and they will be posted here for newcomers.

Here on the site you can play by your "rules and conventions". You can develop "your rules and conventions" in group forums and chatrooms. In those places the rules and conventions of the group hold true. Outside those groups your characters may choose to roleplay in forums and chatrooms in the member's hub. You can of course just create a character profile and not even roleplay in the local chat rooms and forums. That's normal.

Member's Hub forums and chatrooms by default have only the following rules and conventions.

- Respect other members by practing good manners;
- Understand that these rooms are moderated;
- Accept that abuse of this system will result in account suspension;
- Contact site staff about any Adult Roleplaying ie. unauthorized gold'ing;

Member's Hub forums and chatrooms take place in a fictional reality called "Farion".
You make up Farion right now. Later people on the site in the future will make it up.
Farion will regularly change and adapt to people who play in it on the site. Farion staff game masters may or may not be on hand in chatrooms and forums to help facilitate gameplay. When gm's are not around describing chatrooms ect. is completely up to you. When they are around they are descibing Farion how other players on the site before you have descibed Farion. See Staff Rpers

When you make up something you like you can:

1) keep it for yourself or turn it into a group of your own.
2) Note it in your character's journal and pm staff rpers. The staff rper will then change the description of the chatroom and or create additional Farion chatrooms. It will then be scheduled to be added to the map.

Farion Chatrooms currently include: See Map
Story Forge
Slave Auction
Outer Space

You'll notice these are incredibly generic. Farion does not have a stable existence. Anything created there is likely to fade and die when you leave it.

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