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QM Guidelines

Quest/Missions Guidelines
For Members Hub

(Stores are currently non-functional. Please direct your prayers ect. to the side coders.)

All quest/Mission rewards come from Member Hub stores. These Stores do not have a unlimited supply of currency. Each makes money by making sales and then passes you back the money when you complete missions and quests. The sponsor store for each quest/mission is listed.

Additional rewards are currently given for:
-Making an entry in your characters journal

How many times can I do a mission?
You may do each open mission once with one character. If someone has already posted to a mission check to see if the mission is solo or team. A solo mission can only have one posted response to the mission. A team mission there are no repeats. Which is to say that you cannot do a Q/M more then once with the same character or any other character.
- Once a mission has been given the status "DONE" it will be closed to all players and characters.

Types of Quests/Missions

Solo Missions(1P)
In this type of solo mission you can only reply with one post and with one character. Any additional posts by you, other characters, out of character comments ect. will be deleted. If someone has already made a post to a solo mission... move on to the next. Consider it done already. If you take the time to post to such a mission your post will be deleted no matter how good it is. The first person to post to these missions gets the post in. They are first come first serve. Shortly after your post you will receive a (pm) private message from the donor store with your gold for the character you posted with. A QM Mod will post your reward. Following which you can post a victory walk-off post.

So here is the rhythm.

1. QM Mod post of mission.
2. Your post of your characters response to the mission post.
3. QM Mod post of what you win. (Private message sent of your reward.)
4. Your victory post of your character walking off the scene.

Solo Missions(MP)
These are for one character only with a gm roleplaying npc's and the enviroment. Check to see who will be gming the mission or if the mission is open for other players to gm. Any additional posts by other players will be deleted. Solo missions are for one character only. Players conducting open gm'ing should post with their name as GM and use the post with reply instead of the quick reply. So they can reveal who they are as a player with the reveal me option selected. Solo Missions are limited by a number of posts a player can make. This is noted in the first QM Mod post so remember to note it. Shortly after you have reached the limit of posts you will receive a (pm) private message from the donor store with your gold for the character you posted with. The QM Mod will post their rewards post and you may post your victory post.

The rhythm with a staff gm is:
1. QM Mod post
2. Your Post
3. QM Mod Post
4. Your Post
(Until post limit has been reached.
21. QM Mod rewards post
22. Your victory post.

Team Quests (1P)
Team missions are for multiple players. So find some rp buddies and work a mission. Team Missions in (1P) one post must be conducted in a chatroom and not this forum. The transcript for this mission must be posted in order for the characters involved to receive their rewards. Please remove all Out of character before posting transcript. While listing characters who participated at the top of the transcript.

Unlike solo missions which can be elusive in terms of what rewards you may receive. Team Quest (1P)'s will be offering the highest rewards to your characters. Those amounts will be listed and as a team you may decide how you would like to split the treasure. Be sure to note this well so Mods can pass the rewards from store donors.

Team Quests (MP)
Team missions are for multiple players. So find some rp buddies and work a mission. Team Missions in (MP) are to be conducted in this forum. Keep out of character posting elsewhere and not in forum posts on the mission thread. Be sure to note the reward split in the last couple of posts so mods can pass rewards from store donors.

Mission Status:
The status of the mission is displayed as Open when any site member may play. In play means a rp has been started and you can still join. While Closed means the mission is not open to new players and done means the Mission is complete.

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