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Group People and Places

Types of People


Humans - Humans are one of the major races in this world.

Elves - Elves are one of the major races in this land world.

Dwarves - One of the major races in this world. Mostly located in the Blue and White mountain ranges.

Shadow Stalkers - A lesser race. Not in that they are weak, but they were hunted down and their population is few.

Forest Dwellers - A lesser race. Also because they are few in numbers. They are rarely ever seen out of the forests they protect. They also can communicate with the forests they protect.

Dragon Tamers - A race of people who live in the mountains and forests in the northwest. They learned how to tame dragons.

Undead - Pretty self-explanatory. The once dead who are now alive again.


Wizards/Mages/Sorcerors(esses) - These are people who can manipulate the elements. These people are few, but they can be powerful

Mage Knights - Similar to Mages, except they are skilled in actual combat. These people are very rare and should not be made into enemies.

Nomads - Nomads are wanderers. They generally live on the plains, and travel most of the year following resources to survive.

Vampires -

Dragon Knights -


Lowlands - Fertile Area of the southern coastlands of the Sea of Nare. Has a comfortable climate, warm all year round. Most of the settled human population can be found here. Farming is common. Borders with the Great Plains and the Highlands.

Highlands - Northern coastlands, a more barren area that stretches from the Sea of Nare to Relwen Forest, and north to the White Mountains. This region has many small mining towns along the base of the mountains. It usually has very cold winters. Hunting is common.

Northern Mountains (or White Mountains) - Named for its snow-capped peaks. As this range contains a lot of ore, there are many small mining towns on its border with the Highlands.

Western Mountains (or Blue Mounatains) - Borders with the Esforoth Forest and Nakhar Desert. Curves around to the south to touch the southern part of the Great Plains.

Nakhar Desert - A large, flat region with a fertile oasis to the south. Many mercenaries base their operations in the desert, along with criminals and fugitives. Borders with the Great Plains.

Relwen Forest - Reaches south from the White Mountains between the Highlands and the Great Plains. The Forest Dwellers and Shadow Stalkers originated in this forest. Contains the Ruins of Hanwen.

Esforoth Forest - A large forest in the northwest where the White and Blue Mountains meet. The Elves and Dragon Tamers dwell here. Borders with the Great Plains.

Great Plains - Large area that alternates between flat and large hills. It is the land of the Nomads and Markets. Stretches from the far north to the far south, bordering pretty much everything.

Valley of the Dragons - Lush valley where the White and Blue Mountains meet. It is filled with wild dragons of all kinds. The home of the Dragon Tamers, a people who’s ancestors were related to those of the elves.

**The Great Road - is not on the map, but it is used to get to any major city or fortress. It does not go to small towns.


Jade City
Jasper (port)
New Hanwen
- Ruins of Hanwen
Yilna Oasis


Sea of Nare
Redwater Lake
Unim Lake
Sirra River
Lunai River
Finslow River
Kai River


Kiran’s Hold
Norolin’s Hold
Harowade Fortress

Fallen Civilizations

Relkis - A civilization that once ruled over most of the white mountains.

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