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Ships travelling the galaxies encounter a plethora of different types of societies and governments. Quite a few of those do not like galactic organizations which have the power to register entities. So Unitrade does not register or license entities to operate. Registration implies enrollment into a organization or institution. Compromise organizations by definition are not granted the power to enroll or recruit. Compromise organizations are required to keep records and share such records with local governments at their request.

To reiterate... deals in space are done on comms channels... and a promise over comms ya better keep. So if another spacer has seen you they can recognize you. If you get in trouble with a local government... Unitrade might share where they have seen you last... and of course if you are getting into trouble or do not keep your promises... Unitrade will fail to recognize or hear you. Another lost spacer without a friend in the void. Such things happen often enough.

Thus the word Register is replaced with Recognition. Unitrade backs up this recognition utilizing it's comm network to mobilize assistance to those whom use it's services and with Unit Trade Enforcers/Protectors.

On a upbeat... Unitrade provides Deeds of Recognition.
These Deeds can be referenced across the galaxy so that your right of ownership and credibility is maintained.
Each deed has a small yet powerful backup comm capable of transmitting a signal beacon, proximity warning and a emergency distress signal specifically on the Unitrade Net.

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